Simplify your business processes with Forms in Zoho Cliq

Businesses today function in a fast-paced environment, and managing consistent business processes is one way to create longevity. A common challenge is the lack of a generic app to make processes accessible across the organization, cut costs, increase transparency, and simplify day-to-day operations. Besides mapping out and orchestrating clear workflows, the importance of having centralized business messaging software where employees can discuss tasks and comment on projects is critical.

Why centralize your workflows?

Oftentimes, we find that access to information spread across many different tools is challenging. For a fully integrated workplace to function efficiently, your messaging software should do more than just communicate. Most employees agree that the presence of a platform for real-time interactions and instant collaboration improves productivity and transparency—a single platform that allows access to all your workflows and workplace tools. That's why we're introducing Forms—to transform the way you interact with your business workflows.

Here's how Forms help your workflows

Forms are the most relevant way to capture multiple pieces of information in one go. Creating a survey, assigning a task in your project management software, raising a request with your IT team, or anything else that requires you to perform a multistep task— Forms can do it all.

Exploring a form

 Forms come equipped with various input types, from simple one-line text, date, and email to customisable predefined dropdowns. What makes them uniquely powerful is the presence of smart input types, such as dynamic dropdowns, that adapt to search queries from users in order to list menu items based on user relevance. Forms are also natively integrated, which means they can connect to your Cliq contacts, conversations, and channels.

Types of Forms

Multilevel capabilities

Even the most complex and repetitive workflows can easily be brought in with multilevel capabilities. Build your own set of forms that will take care of all your multistage operations—like adding a message in a channel as a note to a lead in CRM and notifying the salesperson handling the lead, at the same time.

Measure user engagement with Google Analytics for Cliq

Google Analytics for Cliq allows you to configure custom views through Forms, to keep track of metrics. Just select a website to generate real-time reports and charts, and compare traffic trends for a given time frame.

Install Google Analytics for Cliq

Get more done with easy access to Trello

Add tasks or notes for yourself, and assign them to teammates, with deadlines. You can also pull information from cards in Trello to tick items off checklists.

Install Trello for Cliq

Forms have been implemented in some of our most sought-after extensions, and there are more extensions coming your way soon!

Ready to build your first form?

Forms are simple and easy to build. Head over to our developer documentation to get started, and make the most of your productivity by bringing all your workflows to your business messaging software.

If you’re new to Cliq, you can sign up here. We’re always looking for feedback, so feel free to leave a comment below, or shoot us an email at support[at]


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