What's new in Zoho PageSense this quarter

What's new in Zoho PageSense

It's been a busy year for PageSense from the initial product launch, to improving the UX and adding new features. Great products are built on valuable customer feedback and PageSense is no different. Our engineers have always gone the extra mile to understand customers and their needs while continuing to develop solutions for those needs. With this in mind, we have added a few features to help optimize your website with ease.

Here are the features we recently added to our portfolio:

Consolidated Heatmaps 

Does your website follow a common layout across pages like a consistent header, footer, login or a quick link sidebar? If so, consolidated heatmaps can save you lots of time! Unlike regular heatmaps that track elements on a single page, consolidated heatmaps give you a collective report for elements that are consistent across multiple pages.

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Project JS

There's no need to track down a developer to add simple event tracking codes to your website. With the help of project level JS, you can paste JavaScript code for a project with the click of a button and track elements in all pages in that particular project.


Multiple AB Tests

You can now run multiple experiments for a single page at the same time. Say you want to test the theme, design, or content of a page—you can now create different A/B test experiments to find out which versions are the most successful with your visitors.

Form Analytics Report Sharing 

Teams are becoming more cross-functional and interdependent these days, making it important to collaborate and learn collectively. Share insights from your form analytics with your team and see how your forms are performing in terms of the average time spent by a visitor, conversions, form abandon, field level metrics, and more.


Please feel free to let us know how you like our new updates in the comments below!


2 Replies to What's new in Zoho PageSense this quarter

  1. Amazing progress. I was able to cancel my hotjar account and rely totally on Pagesense this year. It's a great tool that I love and the first thing I show new customers to get them excited about the visual aspect of seeing a working sales funnel. It also allowed me to identify a blog post that was getting 500k visits with a 99.8% drop off and using page scroll I was able to identify where users were leaving and insert a call to action just before to increase conversions. Simple things that make a huge difference to the bottom line of our business.

    1. Thanks for the love, Steve. Great to know how PageSense is helping you optimize website conversions. We are coming up with more interesting features real soon. Keep supporting us. :) Regards, Vaijayanthi N.

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