Introducing AI-backed product recommendations in ecommerce emails  

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At Zoho Campaigns, we’ve been releasing a series of updates as part of our 10-year anniversary. Now we’re rolling out a feature called product recommendations to those who’ve connected their Shopify, WooCommerce, or Zoho Commerce stores with Campaigns.

It’s aimed at helping you drive more conversions by automatically adding unique and targeted product recommendations to your emails.

How it works

With Zoho Campaigns connected to your store, our artificial intelligence-driven system analyzes your customers’ shopping history and store interactions. This enables us to tailor customer-specific product recommendations and add them to your emails.

Just drag and drop the component below and define the type of recommendation.

Recommendation component

Recommendation types

Types of recommendations

Recommendations fall into two categories: basic and advanced.

While you can use basic ones right away, advanced recommendations require that your store has 10 products, 100 customers, and 50 completed orders.

Recommendation types

Recommendation reports

The current reports let you track and compare the revenue generated via Zoho Campaigns—both from regular and automated emails—with your store’s overall revenue.

Recommendation reports

With this update, you’ll see an additional section that tracks conversions resulting from recommendations.

Final words

We hope you find this update helpful. Give it a try today and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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