Just In: Advanced Analytics for Zoho Projects - Bugs Module

We announced Advanced Analytics for Zoho Projects a few months ago. Project teams worldwide are using it to get valuable insights about how well their projects are doing on various fronts. Today, we are glad to announce that data from the Bugs module of Zoho Projects can now be analyzed using Zoho Analytics.

With this new addition, you get a good many default reports and dashboards out-of-the-box. These reports allow you to know project metrics like the number of bugs across projects, bugs based on severity assigned to each project member, estimated time of closure for bugs, and a lot more such metrics you will find great value in.


You can also create your own reports on the Bugs data, using the drag-and-drop interface of Zoho Analytics.

Present users of Zoho Projects Advanced Analytics can add the Bugs module to their existing setup through a few clicks. Login to your Zoho Projects account as an Administrator, click Reports under Admin -> click Zoho Analytics -> click Configure under Zoho Analytics -> click Configure button -> check Bugs -> click Update Sync button.

This can also be done by logging into Zoho Analytics. Open the projects analytics database, click Zoho Projects -> Edit Setup, check the Bugs module, and click Save.


New users can set up Advanced Analytics for Zoho Projects easily too.  Login to your Zoho Projects account as an Administrator, click Settings under Admin -> click Zoho Analytics -> click Configure button -> tick the required Project names and the modules (Tasks & Milestones, Timesheet and Bugs) -> click Start Sync button.

Try Advanced Analytics for Zoho Projects, with the newly added reports for Bugs module, and let us know how it goes in the comments section below.



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  1. The Bug Tracker integration with the Reports module is impressive. We are very happy to have the reporting capability for all bugs! I would request in the future you consider including Comments and Resolution in the report. Looks great!

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