Zoho Books: Get Bank Feeds from Wells Fargo, Chase and many more

In March, we had announced the release of the Bank Feeds in Zoho Books. Last week, we added more than 2000 banks from which you can get feeds. Now, a lot more of you can automatically fetch your bank, credit card and PayPal transactions right into your Zoho Books account. It means that you have instant access to real-time update of your accounts and your days of manually feeding transactions into your accounting software are almost over.

Bank Feeds in Zoho Books

Bank Feeds were already available for banks such as Chase, Bank of America, Wachovia and many more. This update, includes banks which require a second level of security clearance, which is something more than your username and password. Security could be in the form of an answer to the question provided to the bank or a token sent to you, which you need to provide for further access to the data. Such banks are clubbed together as banks with MFA or Multi-Factor Authentication. Some of the top banks included in the list are

  • Wells Fargo – United States
  • Regions Bank – United States
  • The Bank of New York Mellon – United States

There’s many more!

Quickly log into our accounting software to activate your bank feeds and let us know how it worked for you. This update was much awaited and we hope this information will prove to be of much use to our users. For those of you, who still haven’t activated your bank feeds, please go through our help documentation for more information.

Stay tuned for more updates on bank feeds.


4 Replies to Zoho Books: Get Bank Feeds from Wells Fargo, Chase and many more

  1. Hi Zheng,Thanks for your feedback and for using Zoho Books. Unfortunately, we do not support feeds for the banks which you have listed right now. We are hoping to support these in future, though we do not have a timeline for it at the moment . In the meantime, you can still save time by importing your bank or credit card statement into Zoho Books . Once the transactions are in, you can add and match it in Zoho Books. Read more on http://www.zoho.com/books/help/importing-bank-statements.html" rel="nofollow">importing your statement on our help page.

  2. Wondering when will you add other countries bank into your automatic fetching list? I do not see any of my country's bank in your list (i.e. maybank, public bank, hong leong bank etc). Do you plan on it? My concern cause i'm zoho books heavy user.

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