Connect Zoho Books with 500+ Apps Through Zapier

Sending SMS messages to your customers once you’ve created an invoice, getting notifications when you add a new contact, the list of small but time-consuming daily tasks that you have to do to run your business never seems to end. Now, visualise a scenario in which all of these little details are taken care of automatically in your Zoho Books account. No need for complicated codes or manual keying-in–just a simple connection between Zoho Books and all the apps that are essential to your business operations. Sounds pretty good, right?

Zapier integration with Zoho Books

We are excited to announce that Zoho Books has been added to the Zapier platform, a web-based service that provides better, faster connections to the apps you use on a daily basis. The integration with Zapier has widened the scope of Zoho Books by enabling instant connections not just with Zoho products, but with any apps you use to make your business more effective and easy to manage.

Automate tasks performed by any of the apps in Zapier’s network of 500+ third-party applications and redefine the way you do business, all within Zoho Books.

How It Works:

Zapier works on  a ‘trigger – action ‘ structure. For example, when you withdraw money from an ATM, you might immediately get an SMS on your phone with details about the bank withdrawal. Here, the withdrawal acts as a trigger, and the automated SMS you receive is the associated action.

In the context of Zoho Books, let’s say you have created a new contact in your Zoho Books account, and you need to add this new contact as a subscriber in your MailChimp account.  To do so, you need to create a Zap. In this case, the creation of new contacts is the trigger, and “add/update subscriber” is the action associated to the trigger. Now, each time you create a new contact in Zoho Books, that contact is automatically added as a subscriber in your MailChimp account as well.

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With Zapier, the possibilities are endless. Check out some of the Zaps that you can access below.


Link your sales platform to your accounting software and automatically record the sales you have made. Connects Shopify and Zoho Books so that, an invoice gets created every time you receive an order in Shopify.


Weld your CRM software to your accounting software through Zapier. Automatically add the contacts in your Insightly account to your Zoho Books account.


Send out SMS notifications, invites and updates to your customers by connecting Zoho Books to Twilio.


Connect Chargify, a billing software, to Zoho Books so that new subscriptions added to Chargify automatically trigger the creation of invoices in Zoho Books.

With Zapier, unlock information in Zoho Books and integrate it with other apps for more streamlined workflows and better business processes.  Head over to your Zoho Books account to check out what our Zapier integration can do for you.

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  1. Hola, buenas tardes. Como puedo hacer que se envie un SMS al teléfono móvil de mi cliente? Tengo cuenta en Twilio pero no sé cual es el campo, dentro de Zoho Books, que debo elegir. Gracias.

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