Bottom line is, I love the new UI and I don’t want to go back…

With any software, even the smallest of changes can greatly improve the experience of users who have been using it regularly. And when there’s a whole bunch of such small, thoughtfully crafted changes packaged into a completely new interface, the result can be instant delight.

That’s exactly the kind of result we’d hoped to get, when we recently shared a sneak peek of our upcoming new UI for Zoho Invoice and Zoho Books. So, ever since the beta-release, we’ve been eagerly waiting to see reactions from customers who had early access to this new version. We had worked really hard on this new, re-imagined UI, and we wanted to see what difference it made to those for whom it mattered the most – our customers. This was quite a nail-biting period, especially for the teams who had worked for months to make the new UI a reality. They now waited patiently to see the results of their efforts.

Once the feedback started flowing in, we were really thrilled to see so much happy, positive receptivity for the new UI and the changes that came with it!





To us, these reactions are an indication that we’ve been able to strike the right chords with the new interface. And it’s feedback like this, that keeps us on our toes, constantly working on making our best apps, even better for you!

2 Replies to “Bottom line is, I love the new UI and I don’t want to go back…”

  1. New look is good. But since you still don’t have search bar, so we stick to the old version still. We hope you can come out this function in new version asap as we are so much rely on it.

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