Our customers create amazing things at work and at Zoho we build products to help them with it. Our vision when we created Zoho Books and Zoho Invoice was to help business owners manage their finances without being stressed out. Ever since we released the products, we’ve been receiving great feedback and many requests our way. We knew it was time to give them more. So, we made use of all the great feedback and completely re-imagined our product.

New Zoho BooksWe set ourselves three goals and focussed all our energies to create a snappy, lighter and a delightful experience for our customers to come back to every single day.

Get work done faster

By reinventing ourselves, we’ve been able to create a much faster, efficient and powerful app for you. Be it creating your invoices or running your reports, every screen was put under the microscope and redesigned to simplify it further. Information is now more visual and easier to understand.

Do better business with powerful features
The re-architecture has given us an opportunity to add more powerful features, like the client portal (to collaborate with customers and vendors) and also features like attaching expense receipts to track expenses way better than before. Having future-proofed our product, we’re now on a mission to get more features on board for you in the coming months.

Be part of a greater ecosystem
Everything mentioned above has been made possible with our REST APIs. We want to open them up to the world so that developers across the world can create something truly amazing, something even better. This way not only would our customers have awesome integrations but also better ways to add more value to their business.

We’re fine-tuning both the products so we can have them gift-wrapped for you before the New Year! But we couldn’t resist giving you a sneak peek early on.

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  1. Federica

    is it possible that our version is always the old one? We’d like to see the new version, how can we do?

    • Reshma Roy

      Hi Federica,

      Once you login to your Zoho Books account, you’ll find the link ‘Switch to New Interface’ on the top right hand corner. Click on that and you’ll be able to see the new interface. Contact us at support@zohobooks.com if you still aren’t able to see it.


  2. Stefano Donadoni

    Hi, I’m new in ZOHO Invoice. My Interface isn’t like the one you show in this post. Please let me know what should I do to see the new ZOHO Invoice Visual. It is possible that I have just to wait? Thank you!

  3. Rajesh Raghuwanshi

    Hi! I can’t find search option in Books & Invoice preview…

  4. DB

    Are you going to take away key features later on like you did with the last Zoho Books. So we invest time and resources doing our books for two years only to have invoice customization removed. Your product is not VAT compliant, you should fix your existing system and personally I wont support you again.

  5. Reshma Roy

    How about a new year present? We do have plans to release it before that but watch out this space for updates on release!

  6. Reshma Roy

    Both the products are still in closed beta. We’re ironing out the kinks before we release it to everyone. It’ll be available soon. Watch out this space for more updates!

  7. Reshma Roy

    It’s available for invoices in Zoho Invoice and Zoho Books. We do not have it for bills at the moment. Will check with developer folks if we can get that one in too 🙂

  8. TB

    Why cant current users sign up with exsisting accounts

  9. Rajesh Raghuwanshi

    This is gr8 news Reshma. Is it for both Zoho Invoice & Books & if yes, then will it be for recording bills in books also??? When the preview is available to see…

  10. Reshma Roy

    Oh yes! We do have something to share on that as well in the coming months 🙂

  11. Reshma Roy

    Hi Giff,Feature you are looking for is Auto billing. We do not have it in our short term plans but it is something that we have our eyes on.

  12. Collin S

    This makes me excited….Perhaps an upgrade to the mobile app as well?

  13. Giff

    Do you have a new features list?

  14. Giff

    Have you integrated PayPal so that I can type in a customer’s credit card info and have it billed through PayPal and shown in the invoice? This cuts out several separate steps I have to do now.

  15. Reshma Roy

    Hi Rajesh,Oh yes we have! We now have an adjustment field while creating the invoice which you can use to round off the final amount.

  16. Anand Ethiraj

    Good to see the new interface and tight CRM integration. I have registered. Looking forward the launch date or beta access to the system.

  17. omadrid

    More roles for granularity of user access..

  18. Justin Kassan

    Yes more CRM integration please!

  19. Rajesh Raghuwanshi

    Hi Reshma!Nice to see rather hear or soon to be announced changes in the product after long time…
    Hope you guys have added simple round off function to round off the final amt…

  20. Reshma Roy

    Hey Chad, JonAwesome news for you guys. We’ve started working on it and it will be coming soon.

  21. daniiel

    When is it going to be launched?

  22. Reshma Roy

    Hi Eva,We have completely rebuilt the product. User interface has been redesigned keeping the user experience in mind. Not just that, we have added new features and have done enhancements as well.

  23. Eva Bloch

    Is there actual backend functionality changes or is it just interface?

  24. Chad M

    heh, this is pretty much the main thing we all want.

  25. Jon P

    Will this have deeper integration with Zoho CRM?