Gain control of a remote PC, Mac, or mobile device to provide remote support from Slack

Using different apps for different operations can be difficult or inefficient. Are you also one of the many on the lookout for a solution to help initiate sessions instantly from your Slack chat window? Your one-stop solution to this comes with the Slack-Assist integration.

Integrate Assist with your Slack account to initiate or schedule remote support or screen sharing sessions using slash commands in a jiffy. You can now provide support anytime, anywhere, from your Slack chat window without any additional installations.

 Two crucial services this integration offers:

Assist’s integration with the business communication platform-Slack, will allow you to provide two major services directly from your Slack chat room. Keep reading the blog to get a complete outline of the two services.

Remote support

With this integration, you can navigate to any chat window and initiate a session using the necessary commands. Technicians will not miss out on any sessions and can cater to a large number of customers in a short timeframe. Best of all, you can do that without installing any additional components or apps.

Screen sharing

This integration makes instant screen sharing possible. Its multi-platform compatibility allows you to connect to remote computers, regardless of what operating system they’re running on. All you have to do is open a chat window, key in the right command to start a screen sharing session.

What are the commands used?

As mentioned earlier, the integration uses commands to initiate or schedule sessions. These slash commands have pre-assigned functionality to make initiating sessions as easy as possible. As the name suggests, it always begins with a ‘/’ and triggers a request to Zoho Assist when used. Here’s a list of important commands that has been included in the integration:

  • Start a remote support session: /zassist_start_remote_session <email address>

  • Schedule a remote session: /zassist_schedule_remote_session <email address>

  • Start a screen sharing session: /zassist_share_my_screen <email address>

  • Schedule a screen sharing session: /zassist_schedule_screen_sharing <email address>

  • View session schedule, start/cancel session: /zassist_view_schedule

  • Revoke integration: /zassist_stop_integration

Specifying the email address is optional when keying in any command of your choice. We’ve also included command suggestions that will pop-up as you start typing a command. To learn more about the slash commands, click here.

Collaborate and coordinate with the Slack-Assist integration:

Providing remote assistance from a communication channel such as Slack comes with multiple benefits to your business and organization.

Task management

Technicians will now find it easier to handle multiple tasks and keep track of them. With the view schedule command, technicians can get access to their complete session details and initiate a session on time. They will also have the ability to cancel a task from their schedule when it is no longer needed.

Quick communication

We all know that Slack is an excellent communication channel. Now, with the added advantage of the ability to assist remotely at anytime, it can be equally fitting for both internal and external business communication.

Instant resolution

With this integration, apart from communicating what the issue or concern is via chat, technicians can now connect to any remote system and resolve errors in the shortest time possible. Faster resolution of issues will, in turn, increase user satisfaction.


Last but not least is the productivity that is dependent on the three factors mentioned above. With instant communication, solutions, and efficient task management, technicians are sure to witness a huge spike in their day-to-day productivity. They can easily and efficiently cater to all users who approach them via the quick communication medium—Slack.

Overall, this integration facilitates initiating and scheduling sessions and significantly reduces the time taken to attend to users when required. It can help you increase your customer satisfaction potentially and resolve issues faster than ever.

Give this feature a try and let us know your feedback in the comments section below. If you have any questions or concerns, write to us at


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