Marketing Lead Analytics with Advanced CRM Analytics

In the previous posts, we discussed the essential reports in stage history analysis and sales team analytics. As next in this series on “CRM Analytics”, let’s discuss Marketing Leads Analytics in detail.

Lead generation and conversion, form the crux of any lead management practice. The marketing team brings in the leads and the sales team converts the Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL) into sales prospects. The focus on lead generation has now shifted from quantity to quality. Integrating the lead management processes with data analytics can bring in quality leads for your company.

Quality leads are the ones that are more likely to become better sales prospects for the company. Analyzing your leads data and acting on the resultant insights can greatly optimize your lead management process. Over a period, quality leads will get generated. Let’s analyze the leads data from Zoho CRM with the Zoho Analytics advanced analytics add-on and discuss the insights.

Lead Generation Reports
Let’s start with the lead count. The lead count report mirrors your company’s ability to generate leads month to month. Anything too high or too low than the average number of leads generated warrants an inspection.

Leads created across months

Let’s take the analysis one step further by analyzing the sources of the leads. Your leads can have origins from various channels. Keeping tabs on these sources will give you a fair idea of which channel works like magic for you and which source doesn’t. Using this insight, you can align your budget and time accordingly, and make sure that you spend only in the right channels.

Leads created by source

Lead Conversion Reports
The purpose of lead generation is achieved only when the leads are closed as won deals. The leads brought in will typically be converted into potentials and pushed to the stage of closing and winning the deal. Let’s discuss some of the lead conversion reports.

To begin with let’s analyze the leads data channel-wise to find out how many deals were won and lost.

From the table below on a total of 530 leads, 477 leads were qualified as sales prospects. The rest were not converted. The corresponding conversion rates and the revenue generated can also be seen.

Leads converted by source

Now let’s categorize the number of leads qualified based on the lead owner.

Leads converted by lead owner

The conversion funnel below represents the total leads conversion for the previous quarter. 67 percent of the leads have got converted into potentials and almost 47 percent of the converted potentials have been closed successfully. Overall, for every 100 leads, 31 leads have been won by the company.

Leads conversion funnel

Now to end with, let’s discuss a comprehensive report on the leads generated, leads qualified into potentials and leads won.

Leads – Converted and Won

Analysis with Zoho Analytics is never exhaustive. You can perform a similar analysis. If you would like to do such in-depth Sales team analytics, do setup the Zoho CRM Advanced Analytics Add-on, powered by Zoho Analytics and take a dive. You can also do the same set of analyses in Zoho Analytics, with the Salesforce CRM Advanced Analytics Add-on. Other than the ones discussed here, you can create your own reports easily with a marketing analytics software like Zoho Analytics and make informed decisions.


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