BerryForms’ eSurvey Integrates Zoho Analytics

Cloud Mobile Forms LLC is an ISV (Independent Software Vendor) who develops eSurvey, a software that automates the creation of mobile forms directly from your BlackBerry. eSurvey allows people of all experience levels to easily create and manage their own face-to-face surveys and mobile forms. eSurvey’s latest version has integrated Zoho Analytics. With this new integration, data is updated to Zoho Analytics every time a survey or mobile form is completed. And reports over the uploaded data can be seen in real time.

1. Create & run survey. 2. Fill in survey questionnaire 3. Upload data to Zoho Analytics

4. View the overall survey results in Zoho Analytics

If you are an organization that needs surveys to be done on the field by your representatives with BlackBerries, head over to BerryForms’ eSurvey.

ISVs can integrate Zoho Analytics into their applications easily. Read more of how you can partner with Zoho Analytics as an ISV.

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