OneLogin integrates with Zoho using SAML

Businesses typically use many web apps these days, which means their users have to manage a myriad of user names and passwords. As a result, users typically use weak passwords and waste time resetting passwords, logging in etc. OneLogin addresses this issue. It

  • Lets users sign in once and get secure, one-click access to all their web-based apps in the cloud and behind the firewall
  • Reduces administrative overhead, increases productivity and drives adoption of apps within the organization
  • Integrates seamlessly with the existing directory infrastructure and adds extra layers of security using password policies, certificates and one-time passwords.

OneLogin has now integrated their cloud-based identity management solution with Zoho via SAML, which allows you to sign users into Zoho without the use of a password.

Best of all, OneLogin is pre-integrated with 900+ web applications, which gets you up and running a matter of minutes. If you’re interested, get a free 30-day trial at


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