The ultimate utility tool for your Chrome OS device

Assist is a simple software packed with features to provide all the remote support requirements for your Chrome OS device.


Cross-Platform Compatibility

The one-stop remote desktop solution that works across all major platforms. With Zoho Assist, remotely view a remote Chrome OS from a Windows, Mac OS, Android or even your iOS device.


Simple, Intuitive UI

A seamless remote solution for chrome remote control devices. A simple but efficient interface makes it easy and quick to access your remote support .


Live Text Chat

Zoho Assist is equipped with a live chat feature for Chrome OS devices. This instantly bridges the support technician and the customer, so there is no more toggling between multiple applications.


File transfer

Transfer files up to 2GB in an encrypted channel. Zoho Assist Remote Desktop for Chrome OS is an effective, secure medium for file sharing .



Zoho Assist offers a wide range of dynamic customization features for its users. You can modify the company’s name, logo, icons and even create a custom domain with a tailored URL to make it a recognizable part of your organization.


Organize & Protect your records

Keep track of remote support sessions with Zoho Assist. Access the details of earlier sessions and assign privacy settings that best fit your organization. An optimized Permission UI for obtaining and restricting permissions before a session begins and Email and OTP verification during session initiation, securing your data is just as important as managing it; with Zoho Assist you're offered the best of both.



Two-Way Screen Sharing

Share your screen, view your customer’s screen, and toggle between multiple monitors with one-click actions in Zoho Assist.

How to set up Zoho Assist for remote access for Chrome OS?

  •  Login to and access your Zoho Assist account - Don’t have one? Start your 15 day-trial account, today.
  •  Navigate to Remote Support to start a session.
  •  Invite your customers by sending them a link via SMS or email.
  •  Upon clicking the invite link, a light-weight tool will be installed in your customer’s Chrome OS device.
  •  Once your customer connects to the session, the support technician can view and provide remote support.

System Requirements for Chrome OS Support

Zoho Assist has a simple interface that allows it to work flawlessly across diverse platforms with basic set up.

For the Technician

  • All Web Browsers
  • Android 4.4 and above
  • iOS Windows 32/64 bit
  • Mac OS
  • Linux 32/64
  • bit Chrome OS

Frequently Asked Questions


What program is used for Chrome OS remote access?

Zoho Assist, a simple, light-weight application, will be installed in your customer’s Chrome OS device upon clicking on the invite link, or even add as a chrome extension using this link. This allows you to provide remote assistance as required.


Can you get remote access to a PC?

Yes, you can connect to a PC or any device from the Chrome OS application or the web browser.


How do I access files from a Chrome OS?

Once you’re remotely connected to a Chrome OS device, you can view and receive files, as well as share them.


Is chrome remote access safe?

Accessing and controlling a remote desktop via a Chrome OS device will be reliable and efficient with Zoho Assist. It is built on the most standardized security protocols and will help you establish a secure remote access connection anytime, anywhere.


How do I establish a connection via Chrome remote access device?

You can go to Zoho Assist from a Chrome OS device and initiate a remote support session and share the details with the remote end user. With this session information, the user can join the session and obtain remote assistance from the technician.