Zoho Assist for Chrome OS

  • Simple, reliable, and intuitive user interface
  • Live chat and two-way screen sharing to facilitate instant remote support
  • Effortless file sharing
  • Easy customization and rebranding options
Zoho Assist for Chrome

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Zoho Assist today for all your remote support needs

Cloud-based remote support

Web-based remote support platform that makes it easy to provide instant support across every major platform and device.

Advanced security features

Industry-grade, firewall-friendly interface with multi-level security protocols, such as multi-factor authentication, data anonymization, customizable session inactivity timeouts, and an AES, 256-bit encryption channel.

Around-the-clock technical assistance

Experience 24/7 live technical assistance to troubleshoot any remote support issues via text, email, or phone call.

Try Zoho Assist for your device to experience endless remote support potential.