Zoho Assist for iOS

  • Industry-grade security to protect your remote sessions
  • Seamless compatibility to ensure instant remote support
  • Extended remote features, like multi-monitor navigation, screen sharing, and file sharing
  • Superior unattended and on-demand remote support for iOS devices
  • Around-the-clock technical support available
Zoho Assist for iOS

Start using 
Zoho Assist today for all your remote support needs

Lightweight, multi-purpose application

On-demand and unattended remote support, remote screen sharing, instant in-app chat, file sharing, and more! Zoho Assist is a feature-rich and highly secure remote support application for your iOS devices.

Intuitive touch and gesture controls

Predefine touch gestures to launch an action. Customize your home screen widgets. Remote support from your iOS device has never been easier—or more personal.

Try Zoho Assist for your device to experience endless remote support potential.