Configure computers for unattended access by installing the unattended access installer. You can configure unattended access on individual computers by asking your customer to execute the file downloaded from the unattended access installer link. You can deploy unattended access on a large group of computers using the distributor, bulk deployment manager, or startup scripts.


  • Please ensure you always use the latest version of the Zoho Assist Unattended Installer for enhanced performance, latest security patches and fixes and access to newest features. Using an older version, especially one over a year old, may result in compatibility issues or limitations. 

  • Log in to your Zoho Assist account and navigate to Downloads to get our latest version of Zoho Assist Unattended Installer for the seamless experience.

Install Unattended agent using Installer Link - Share the deployment link through email or copy the link to share it with your customer.

Install Unattended agent using distributor - Recommended for domain-enabled networks.

Install Unattended agent using Bulk Deployment Manager - Recommended for both Workgroups and Active Directory enabled networks.

Install Unattended agent using Startup Script (Group policy) - Recommended for Active Directory enabled networks.

Install Unattended agent using Microsoft Intune - Recommended for Windows environments with Intune Deployment.

 Install Unattended agent using Microsoft SCCM - Recommended for Microsoft Configuration Manager (SCCM)  to install the Unattended agents

Install Unattended agent via Microsoft Azure - Recommended for managing devices under the Azure AD environment.

Installation specification modes - Unattended MSI installer commands detailing various execution modes for both installation and uninstallation.