Unattended Access

Unattended Access helps you access remote computers even without the presence of the customer at the remote end. You can access both Windows and Mac computers. You can view, manage, control and even troubleshoot the remote computer anytime once a computer is configured for access.

Using mass deployment, you can deploy the unattended agent to large numbers of remote computers at a go. You can enable session confirmation prompt before initiating every unattended session at the remote end if needed. It will notify your remote customer whenever you try accessing the computer. You can troubleshoot effectively using features such as file transfer, screen sharing, chat, reboot, choose between monitors, and more.

Unattended Access for Windows and Mac

Unattended Access for iOS

Unattended Access Installation for Linux

Unattended Access Installation for Raspberry Pi

Unattended Access for Android devices

How to Uninstall Zoho Assist Unattended Agent