How can I restrict timesheet user(s) from viewing or recording expenses associated to the project(s) they are working on?

By default, users with the role “TimesheetStaff” ( i.e timesheet user ), will be able to record expenses for their associated projects and view expenses that were created by them.

But, if you, as an admin, do not want to make this option available to your timesheet user :

  • Click on the Gear Icon on the top right of your Zoho Books application.
  • Go to Users & Roles. Click on Roles and hover over TimesheetStaff.
  • You will find a Clone option on the right.
  • In the page that follows, give a Role Name e.g ( New Staff ), and under the Timesheets table, check the option " Prevent user(s) from recording expenses for associated project(s) "

The user(s) with this role, will not be able to view or record expenses to the project(s) they are associated with.

NOTE : This option will restrict the user from viewing only the timesheet expense. This includes all the project expenses created by him.

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