I added an incorrect transaction in my previous reconciliation. How can I edit it?

Please note that you can undo only the most recent reconciliation. But, if the reconciliation which you wish to edit is not the most recent one, then you will have to delete all the other reconciliations up to the one which you wish to undo. So for example, if you had selected the wrong check while reconciling 6 months ago, you will have to undo all reconciliations done in last 6 months.

The steps to undo a reconciliation are as follows:-

  • Open the bank account in Zoho Books under the Banking tab.
  • Click the Gear icon next to Import Statement button.
  • Now, select the Reconciliation History option from the drop-down.
  • In the page that follows, you will see a list of reconciliation that you have created.
  • When you place your cursor over one of the reconciliation periods, you will see a trash icon which is the Undo Reconciliation option.
  • Click OK to confirm your action.
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