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Julian Weber

Julian Weber

Founder and CEO - SELISE Rockin Software
We find the connectivity of Zoho Books with our bank accounts very useful. We have connected with Revolut and it is fantastic. This integration alone has reduced the work hours of accountants by 15 percent.

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SELISE Rockin Software


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Challenges Faced

  • The company wanted to centralize business operations and access information from anywhere, at any time.

Features Weber likes the most

The company

SELISE is a software firm engaged in the creation of digital platforms from strategy to execution. The company was founded by Julian Weber and his father, Kurt D. Weber. With the passion and expertise of multiple global teams consisting of more than 350 members across four hubs, SELISE enhances business performance across industries including finance, telecom, and logistics. Their services include developing digital platforms, custom applications, e-commerce websites, and application management.

The challenge

With their offices spread across the world in countries like UAE, Switzerland, Bhutan, and Bangladesh, Weber always wanted to adopt technologies that helped him centralize business operations and allowed him to access information from anywhere, at any time. And as a cloud fanatic, he was sure that cloud accounting software was the way forward for his company.

I am a big fan of Zoho! I came across it during my college days, and when the time came to choose a cloud accounting software, we chose Zoho Books. We have been using the software since day one.

Success with Zoho Books

Cash flow is the lifeblood of any business. Every business needs to analyze their company’s financial health, take corrective actions and maintain a steady and positive cash flow. To gain insights on cash, receivables and analyze the receivables turnover time, Weber relies on Zoho Book’s intuitive Dashboards. Moreover, with the help of the mobile application, Weber and his finance team can monitor the financial health of his business from anywhere, anytime.

The easiest way to maintain a constant inflow of cash in the business is by receiving payments from customers on time. SELISE has enabled automatic email reminders based on due dates and expected payment dates in Zoho Books. This email reminder, which also includes the invoice and payment link, pushes the customers to make the payment then and there.

Once the payment is received in the bank account, SELISE uses the banking feature in Zoho Books to match and categorize those transactions. They have integrated their organization with Revolut, which syncs their bank statements with Zoho Books automatically. This reduces the manual work of their accountants and lets them match and reconcile transactions with just one click.

We find the connectivity of Zoho Books with our bank accounts very useful. We have connected with Revolut and it is fantastic. This integration alone has reduced the work hours of accountants by 15 percent.

Another feature that has helped SELIES simplify their accounting operations is the documents feature of Zoho Books. This module generates a unique email address where their vendors and accountants can email documents like bills and expenses, and they will be directly added to the Zoho Books Documents Inbox. The auto-scan feature converts the uploaded documents to expenses or bills respectively and adds the original document as an attachment to the transaction. This has helped the finance team at SELISE reduce their manual work and save a lot of time.

As the CEO of SELISE, one of Weber's many duties is to stay updated on company finances and plan business activities accordingly. The reports sections in Zoho Books turns raw data into actionable information and those reports can be scheduled to help Julian make the right decisions and create up-to-date business plans.

Support experience

"As I said before, we are a big fan of Zoho! Our experience with the support team has been great. I have even suggested Zoho and its products to our customers. We are really happy with the service. Keep up the good work." said Weber.

Journey so far

For the last ten years, Zoho Books has been there with us as a very sturdy and reliable software for our 400 employees worldwide. It is a fantastic product. I want to congratulate the entire development and product management team of Zoho Books. We are looking forward to the innovations and features that Zoho Books will roll out in the coming years.

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