Online Shops

Best Practices for a Great Online Shop Homepage

A skillful online shop homepage includes a number of decisive elements. You'll have to think carefully about your value proposition, images, and product categories, and offer good UX features, like a persistent search box and cart and clear information about payment methods and policies.

Best Design Practices for Your Individual Product Pages

Product pages give you the opportunity to present your products in all their glory, and offer your prospect a friction-free path toward purchase. It helps to consider these pages as substitutes for a live salesperson, since they need to perform the same tasks a store associate would.

Writing Your Best Product Descriptions

You've got your product page design down; now product copy is the other half of the equation. Good product copy keeps customer personas in mind, while it offers details and answers anticipated questions and objections.

Using Psychology on Your Product Pages to Increase Sales

Of course, there's a lot of psychology behind all good product copy. Methods of leveraging psychology include employing urgency and scarcity principles, cross-selling and up-selling, displaying trust badges, and offering free shipping and returns.

Best Practices for Your Shopping Cart

A prospect has moved your product to their cart, but this doesn't mean your work is over: Now you've got a whole new set of hurdles to clear. Shopping carts that show accurate summaries, let users edit, and offer clearly-ranked CTAs will reduce cart abandonment.

Improving Conversions on Your Checkout Pages

Checkout abandonment is real... but it can be rectified through better UX on your checkout pages. Good checkout UX means carefully considering the timing around account creation, answering user questions and anxieties in an enclosed checkout, and offering the fastest forms possible.

Online Shops Checklist 

We've covered a lot of content when it comes to online shops. But don't worry: We've got you covered with a summary. Use this checklist to jolt your memory as you're putting together your online shop. We cover all the most important bases here.

Best Online Shops of 2018

Your online shop faces obstacles to conversion that brick-and-mortar stores don't face. The best online shops overcome these obstacles through remarkable imagery and multimedia, copy that details all product specs and policies, and other UX elements to move users through the funnel.