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How to Use Instagram for Lifestyle Marketing

When Heart Coffee Roasters opened in 2009, they were just another specialty coffee roaster in a quickly-expanding industry. They promised a premium, ethically-sourced product with... Read more

Getting Started With Social Media For Your Business

Nearly half of the world’s population uses social media, and the number of users is only projected to rise. With such a large and diverse pool of people, it’s no wonder that organizations of all sizes are using social media to increase exposure, build traffic, and generate more leads. This guide will walk you through how to set up and run social media channels for your organization, so your business can join the thousands of others that are reaping the rewards of social media. Read more

Creating and Publishing Content for Social Media

Your social posts are some of the shortest writing projects you'll encounter in business, but they can be surprisingly complicated. In this chapter of our social media series, we'll show how to take your social media strategy from concept to the final draft. Read more

Managing Your Social Media Accounts

For marketers, social media means serious business. There's a huge well of potential customers out there...if only you can reach them, engage with them, and hopefully convert them to leads (and then customers). But managing your social media doesn't have to be overwhelming. Pair your social media tool of choice with the strategies included in this article, and you'll have a big head start. Read more

Analytics and ROI: How to Track Your Social Media Progress

Social media marketing can get your business in front of new eyes and generate word of mouth buzz, leads, and sales—as long as you use the right approach. It's not enough to share good content. You need to be tracking your efforts and their results, so you can fine-tune your social media strategy over time. Find out how: Read more

How to Market on Twitter

Twitter is a great social network for marketers to focus on. While setting up an account is simple, the challenge is building it into something that will help you grow your presence online and generate leads for your organization. Read this guide to learn how. Read more

How to Market on LinkedIn

More than any other platform, people come to LinkedIn expecting to see professional content and build professional connections. As it turns out, it’s a great place to do both of these things. There are over 700 million users on the platform, and LinkedIn has been rated the top social network for lead generation. It's host to a huge community of businesses and people who interact with them, which is a potential gold mine for anyone who wants to improve their marketing game. Read more

How to Market on Facebook

No matter who your business is trying to reach, they're probably on Facebook. So, how exactly should you go about marketing your business on the platform? And, given that almost every brand you can think of is also on Facebook, how do you make yours stand out? Let's start from the beginning. Read more

How to Market on Instagram

Each month, over 1 billion people post on Instagram. That’s more than the userbases of both Pinterest and Snapchat combined. All told, more than 500 million daily active users populate the app today, making Instagram an ideal platform for boosting your brand's online presence. Find out how to make the most of those users with our guide. Read more

How to Market on YouTube

Getting noticed on YouTube is incredibly valuable for any business, especially given the steep rise in global popularity of video content. But it won't be easy. With millions of creators trying to capture people's interest, you'll have to come up with fantastic content and understand the platform well before you can come up with a good YouTube marketing plan. Learn how to get started: Read more