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A successful business never relies on just one application. At ZeptoMail, we understand this and want to make data flow seamlessly across applications with integrations. We bridge the gap so you can be more productive.

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Zoho Apps

Zoho CRM

View transactional emails sent to your leads and contacts right inside your CRM module.

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Zoho Flow

Integrate ZeptoMail with other Zoho apps and third-party applications by creating workflows between them in Zoho Flow.

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Zoho Bigin

Use the Bigin integration with ZeptoMail to view detailed insights into every transactional email that is sent to their leads or contacts.

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Content Management Applications


Send authentic transactional emails from your WordPress site with the ZeptoMail plugin.

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Send transactional emails from your Joomla application or website, using ZeptoMail for reliable and fast delivery.

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Workflow Applications

Microsoft power Automate

Create and automate workflows to send out transactional emails from your Microsoft Power Automate account.

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Create workflows between ZeptoMail and your favorite apps using Zapier.

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E - commerce


Get reliable email delivery for your WooCommerce emails using the ZeptoMail plugin.

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Use the ZeptoMail module to send transactional emails from your client's WHMCS-hosted site.

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Get reliable transactional email sending for applications that you build on

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Build powerful email templates without writing a single line of code in Tabular and use them to send emails in ZeptoMail.

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"We were able to migrate to ZeptoMail effortlessly from our previous solution. ZeptoMail has helped us improve our business deals with better email deliverability. We would definitely recommend Zoho services as a solution for prospective business needs."

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Perathuselvam S

Deputy Manager - System Support India Cements

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