Merge and Sign


This API allows to send the merged documents for sign. 

HTTP Request URL


Path Parameters

ParameterData TypeDescription
Mandatory Parameters
document_idStringSpecify a unique id for the writer document.

Body Parameters

ParameterData TypeDescription
Mandatory Parameters



Specify the sign service name (zohosign).



Specify a unique name for the signed document.


"recipient_1": "",
"action_type": <approve|sign|view>,
"language": "en"
}, {
  "recipient_2": "", "action_type": <approve|sign|view>,
"language": "fr",

Specify the recipients to whom the document needs to be sent to get signed, approved or viewed in the form of a JSON Array.

You can also specify the language in which the notification email needs to be sent to the signers.

Supported languages are: Chinese(zh), Dutch(nl), English(en), French(fr), German(de), Italian(it), Japanese(ja), Polish(pl), Portuguese(pt), Russian(ru), Spanish(es), Swedish(sv).

You can refer the sample JSON Array here.

You can provide the data in any one of the below formats
merge_dataJSONObjectPass a String value through 'data' key as JSON Array.
merge_data_csv_contentFileProvide the required csv content in your API request body.
merge_data_json_contentFileProvide the required json content in your API request body.
merge_data_csv_urlurlProvide the required csv url in your API request body.
merge_data_json_url urlProvide the required json url in your API request body.
Optional Parameters


Boolean (true / false)

Specify if we need to maintain the order of signing as mentioned.



Specify any message for the signer.



Specify when the merged documents which are sent for sign needs to be expired.



Specify the interval when the remainder email needs to be send to the signers.


Specify the attachments that needs to be sent to all the recipients in common.

Maximum files allowed: 3

Maximum file size allowed: 3MB

Supported file formats: docx / doc / rtf / pdf / zip / html / txt / png / jpeg / gif / jpg


ParameterTypePossible ValuesDefault Value

recipient_1, recipient_2, ... , recipient_10

Note: Upto 10 recipients are supported as of now.



zh / nl / en / fr / de / it / ja / pl / pt / ru / es / sv

This option is available only for Zoho Sign Premium Plan users.

For Free Plan users, the notification email will be sent in their account language by default.


  • To use this API, an OAuth token should be generated with the following scopes ZohoWriter.documentEditor.ALL, ZohoWriter.merge.ALL and ZohoSign.documents.ALL
  • Check out the prerequisites needed to make the Merge and Sign API work, here.
  • We have also provided an option to configure the values for all the above parameters while creating the document itself.
  • If you have saved the merge settings earlier by configuring the parameter values, then we will get those values (by default) if you miss to pass the parameters while sending the API request.
  • In Writer, we achieve the 'Digital Signature' by using our Zoho Sign API internally. The credits will be consumed based on the Zoho Sign API subscription plan. To know more about the Zoho Sign Credits Add-on, check here.
  • To merge and sign documents with more than one record, you can use our Bulk Sign API.

Sample Request

				curl --location --request POST "" \
  --header "Authorization: Zoho-oauthtoken xxx.yyy.zzz" \
  --form "service_name=zohosign" \
  --form "filename=New Document" \
  --form "signer_data=[{\"recipient_1\":\"\”, \"action_type\": \"sign\",\"language\": \"en\"},{\“recipient_2\":\"\", \"action_type\": \"approve\",\"language\": \"fr\"}]" \
  --form "merge_data={\"data\":[{\"name\":\"Amelia\",\"email\":\"\"}]}"			

Sample Response

    "merge_report_data_url": "",
    "merge_report_url": "",
    "records": [
            "email": "",
            "download_link": "{url}",
            "status": "inprogress"
            "email": "",
            "download_link": "{url}",
            "status": "inprogress"