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Available only in the paid plans

Zoho Sign allows users to sign or send unlimited documents for e-signature through its user interface functions in the Professional and Enterprise plans across both the web and mobile apps. This has helped transform tens of thousands of businesses around the globe in going paperless and digitizing their documents. 

However, some features/integrations of the app incur additional cost when used regardless of a users' subscription plan. This additional cost is due to:

  • the feature/integration making use of a third-party service provider - to meet the licensing costs and service charges levied by the provider for their services;
  • the feature/integration has automation functions that can be triggered in high volumes and must be subjected to fair use - to limit excessive usage and prevent abuse of the feature against our generous licensing model.

This additional cost is charged to users in the form of add-ons which need to be purchased and utilised separately.  Therefore, in Zoho Sign, this is done by offering users the option to purchase Zoho Sign credits, our common add-on, which can be bought and consumed when making use of the described features. Zoho Sign credits can be purchased alongside a Zoho Sign paid subscription, or when renewing a subscription, or separately at any time as per users' convenience. The described features will then consume these credits at varying levels proportionate to the cost they incur or determined by Zoho Sign. These features that require Zoho Sign credits and their respective rate of consumption are listed in a chart below.

What are Zoho Sign credits and what are they used for?
Zoho Sign credits are a prepaid add-on that require additional purchase on top of the subscription cost of the Zoho Sign general licensing plans. Zoho Sign credits are consumed when users in an organization use features/integrations that incur additional cost.

How much does a Zoho Sign credit cost and how many can I buy?
Zoho Sign credits cost 10 cents or 0.1 USD (you may refer to our pricing page for pricing in regional currencies). They can be purchased in denominations of 500 (e.g. 500 credits for $50 and so on).

Where can I purchase and monitor the usage of Zoho Sign credits?
You can purchase Zoho Sign credits and monitor your organization's usage of them from Settings > Admin > Subscription details in the Zoho Sign web app.

Do I have to purchase Zoho Sign credits for all automation features and integrations?
Not really, it depends on your Zoho Sign subscription. Users in the Enterprise plan get monthly complimentary automation credits based on the number of licenses they have purchased. When using high volume automations, custom functions, and advanced integrations within Zoho, these automation credits are first consumed until they are exhausted. They will only require the purchase of Zoho Sign credits after the exhaustion of automation credits. However, these automation credits are slightly different from Zoho Sign credits and are only used for automation functions, that too within Zoho. Features that use third-party service providers and automations will always require Zoho Sign credits to work. Users in the Standard and Professional plans must still purchase Zoho Sign credits to execute all high volume automations and advanced integrations.

Who will be eligible to purchase and use Zoho Sign credits?
All organizations subscribed to a paid Zoho Sign license—Standard, Professional, Enterprise, API, or a Zoho bundle that includes Zoho Sign—Zoho One, Zoho PeoplePlus, Zoho Contracts, will be able to purchase and use Zoho Sign credits for the features and integrations supported in their plan or bundle.

Will I be notified when I am running low on Zoho Sign credits?
Yes, you can set reminders that notify you when the Zoho Sign credits left in your account reach a low and a critical threshold. You will be able to define these thresholds based on usage in your organization's Subscription details page.

How long are the Zoho Sign credits I purchase valid for?
The Zoho Sign credits you purchase are valid until they are consumed and do not have an expiry date. 

Credits Consumption Chart

Automation/integration actionZoho Sign credits consumed
Sending documents for signatures via SMS0.5 credit/SMS
Sending authentication code or One-time Password (OTP) via SMS0.5 credit/SMS
Sending documents for signatures using bulk send5 credits/document
Receiving submissions on SignForms5 credits/response
Sending documents for signatures using REST APIs and SDKs5 credits/document signature request
Sending documents for signatures using integration automations and custom functions from other Zoho apps/services5 credits/document signature request
Sending documents for signatures using integration automations from third-party apps or services5 credits/document signature request
Associating user with third-party provider - eMudhra eSign 100 credits/user/year
Signing documents via third-party provider - Aadhaar eSign2 credits/signing activity
Associating user with QES provider - Uanataca200 credits/user/year
Signing documents via QES provider - Uanataca3 credits/signing activity
Associating user with QES provider - InfoCert500 credits/user/3 years
Signing documents via QES provider - InfoCert3 credits/signing activity
Signing documents using QES via EU eID - Evrotrust/sign-me (D-Trust)18 credits/signing activity
Signing documents using QES via EU eID - Chave Móvel Digital8 credits/signing activity
Signing documents using QES via EU eID - Smart ID/National ID/Mobile ID/eParaksts eID & mobile/CertEurope USB (InfoCert)/certSIGN USB4 credits/signing activity
Trusted document timestamping - GlobalSign0.5 credit/stamping activity
Trusted document timestamping - SEIKO2 credits/stamping activity
Qualified document timestamping - Uanataca0.5 credit/stamping activity
Authenticating recipients via EU eID - iDIN2 credits/authentication activity
Authenticating recipients via EU eID - National ID2 credits/authentication activity

To know how the Zoho Sign credits add-on replaces our previous add-on system and pricing structure, please refer to our announcement here.

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