E-signatures for quick, hassle-free approvals

Recent advancements in digital timesheets have allowed temp staffing agents to transfer information and schedule temps faster than ever before. When you consider that staffing agencies are likely to send out 1,500 contracts a month on average, you need an approval system in place that can keep up. E-signatures have streamlined this process, and this can be especially beneficial while you are managing your temporary workforce remotely.

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E-signatures for quick, hassle-free approvalsE-signatures for quick, hassle-free approvalsE-signatures for quick, hassle-free approvals  

Defining digital signatures

Digital signatures—or e-signatures—are the modern alternative to the traditional method of signing documents with paper and pen. They use advanced cryptographic techniques to ensure authenticity, integrity, and non-repudiation of digitally signed documents.

Go paperless

Go paperless

E-signatures are used for digital documents, and those are stored safely on the cloud. They are easy to mail and verify without having a hard copy!

Cut costs and save time

Cut costs and save time

Gone are the days of printing and mailing documents, and so are the expenses that came with that. Sign and send documents with just a few clicks!

Ensure tighter security

Ensure tighter security

E-signatures are electronic sounds, symbols, or processes attached to a contract and executed or adopted by a person with the intent to sign the record. It's very difficult to forge or alter them.

Get documents signed in seconds!

As you consider switching to paperless temp scheduling while working remotely, speed up your approval process using Zoho Workerly's integration with Zoho Sign. It's a faster and more effective way of getting documents sent and approved, all from a single platform and without the chaos of managing paper documents.

Quick and customizable Quick and customizable Quick and customizable

Quick and customizable

From temp contracts to client agreements, electronically sign and manage all documents from one place so you can focus on your temporary staffing. Zoho Workerly integrates seamlessly with Zoho Sign to help you customize documents with signature placements and much more!

Seamless integrations

With Zoho Workerly's 'Export to Payroll' option and built-in Zoho Books integration, generating invoices is easy. Now, with the Zoho Sign integration, getting them approved is just as simple! Download and send authenticated invoice copies as required.

Seamless integrations Seamless integrations
Create and reuse Create and reuse

Create and reuse

Having a template ready well in advance reduces any last-minute rush. With the Zoho Sign integration, you can upload popular templates or get one from online storage. Easily add your e-signature or form fields, and then you can add recipients, send it for approval, or save it as a reusable template.

Reminders and validity

If you have a high volume of approvals waiting, the process may get backed up. We've got you covered! When sending documents for a digital signature from Zoho Workerly using the Zoho Sign extension, we allow you to set a validity date and a deadline. You can also send reminders to temps/contacts when the form is about to expire. Learn more

Reminders and validity Reminders and validity

A faster, more efficient approval process.

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You can sign up with Zoho Workerly using your work email address. As you sign up, we'll offer you a 14-day free trial. During these uncertain times, we are happy to assist you in every possible way as you transition to remote temp scheduling. Stay safe, and feel free to reach out to us at support@zohoworkerly.com