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Getting Started for Individuals

Learn how to create, store, and share files in your individual plan account.

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Getting Started for Teams

Learn how to set up your team and invite users on Zoho WorkDrive.

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Admin Console

Learn how to manage team members and their files effectively on Zoho WorkDrive.

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Using WorkDrive

Explore our step-by-step guides to know everything from Team Folders to external file sharing to sync.

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Join the Zoho WorkDrive community to participate in discussions, interact with our user community, and learn useful tips and tricks.

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How-to Videos

Watch our videos to learn about WorkDrive's features and how to use them.

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Attend Zoho WorkDrive webinars and learn the A-to-Z of Zoho WorkDrive from our experts, right from your couch.

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What's New?

Stay up-to-date with Zoho WorkDrive's latest features, updates, and enhancements.

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WorkDrive Digest

Addresses a wide range of topics, articles, and news about the SaaS industry, modern workplace, and Zoho WorkDrive.

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Desktop Sync

Learn how to access all your cloud files from your desktop without relying on local storage using the Desktop Sync app.

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Learn how to integrate your Zoho WorkDrive account with other applications such as Gmail and MS Office.

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See frequently-asked questions about WorkDrive, along with answers to help you improve your team's collaboration.

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Easily migrate from other cloud storage services like Google Workspace, Dropbox, and Microsoft OneDrive with our in-house migration tool.

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WorkDrive APIs

Explore the extensive set of APIs to integrate the functionalities of Zoho WorkDrive with other Zoho applications and third-party tools.

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