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  • Bigin's File Cabinet powered by Zoho WorkDrive

Bigin's File Cabinet powered by Zoho WorkDrive

  • Last Updated : December 12, 2023
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At Zoho, we're committed to building and enhancing integrations to ensure all the tools our customers use work seamlessly. Today, we're excited to announce our new integration with Bigin by Zoho CRM.

Collecting and organizing customer and lead information are some of the primary challenges CRM users face today. For sales deals, support, customer onboarding, contract drafting, and more, you need a comprehensive platform that streamlines customer operations. Bigin is a powerful and reliable application that is already loved by 20,000+ customers.

Bigin makes it easy for small and medium businesses to manage their customers. By integrating WorkDrive with Bigin, you can unify your content with your CRM solution, and eliminate missed follow-ups, manual data entry, and information silos.

Here’s what you can do when you connect Bigin to your WorkDrive account:

  • Generate unique links to collect customer files

  • Configure workflows to automate the process of sending links

  • Receive notifications when a file is uploaded

  • Securely share files using OTP authentication

  • Manage all your leads in a more organized manner

Manage customer files within your CRM

Your days of searching through emails to locate customer files and uploading them manually to your CRM are over. With our integration, you can create designated File Cabinets for each customer, so you can send, receive, and store all their documents in one secure location. This eliminates the need to toggle between multiple applications.

Share files with unique links

Most businesses share documents with multiple clients and customers. Sending and receiving files through email and WhatsApp is easy, but keeping them organized is often difficult. With our File Cabinet, you can share documents or collect files from your leads using a single share link. Generate unique links for each customer, share the links, and receive and organize documents effectively.

Secure what you share

It's crucial to protect all data that leaves your organization, as well as the data you receive from customers. With our File Cabinet, you can send and receive files from within your CRM without compromising file security. Protect your share links with OTP authentication and prevent unauthorized access.

Automate your workflow

Tracking and following up on your leads is essential for making a sale. When a customer moves from one stage of your sales pipeline to another, you may need to collect certain documents from them. Requesting documents manually can be time consuming and difficult to track, especially if you're pursuing multiple leads at once. Bigin's native Workflow feature enables you to create condition-based actions and automate the process of sending share links.

Stay updated with real-time notifications

Stay updated on important file submissions, and easily track who uploaded what and when without checking your email inbox for notifications. With Bigin's Signals, you receive real-time file submission notifications and get an update whenever your customer uploads a file. If you share a file with a customer, they'll be notified by email.

We understand that data is the heart of your work and we hope our integrations help you leverage it more efficiently. We’re excited to give your team yet another way to unify your content and tools, and better optimize your workforce.

Experience the power of WorkDrive's Collect Files and external sharing within your CRM with this new integration. And stay tuned—we’ve got more integrations on the way.

The updates don’t stop here! We have a lot more in store for you. Know more about the other features of WorkDrive 4.0.

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