Features to help you do payroll better.

Zoho Payroll is stacked with powerful features to help growing businesses manage their payroll operations end-to-end.

Employees management and onboarding

Chart the right course for managing your workforce from the day you hire your first employee.

  • Fast employee onboarding

    Complete the entire onboarding process in four simple steps so you can spend your employees' first day at work by introducing them to their mentors, boss, and colleagues.

  • Go paperless on your paperwork

    Generate federal tax forms online, including employee-related tax withholding forms and pay stubs. State tax forms are also available for users in California, and more states to come.

  • Import historic payroll data

    No more starting from scratch. Pick up from where you left off, even if you have already processed payroll for the fiscal year.

  • Manage employees' exit

    We take care of your employees' exit process, notify them, and send pay stubs to their email address automatically.

  • Streamlined employee self-service

    Zoho Payroll gives your employees a place where they can view their personal details and access or download their pay stubs with their personalized login. This employee portal can be accessed through the iOS app as well as the desktop site.

Payroll processing

Running payroll shouldn't take long. That's why we've come up with intuitive features that help you prepare your pay runs, validate payroll input, and complete pay runs effortlessly.

  • gross-to-net calculation

    Generate gross to net pay stubs along with a thorough breakdown of taxes, deductions, and withholdings.

  • Pay schedule

    Personalize your pay schedule to run payroll weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.

  • Payroll review

    Hit the approve button too soon? Zoho Payroll lets you revert your processed pay run and reinitiate the payroll process easily.

  • Online salary payments

    Integrate with Forte, and credit employees' salary directly to their bank accounts online.

  • Bonus payroll

    Your business achieved record profit? Reward your employees with bonuses. The corresponding taxes and withholdings are taken care of automatically.

  • Pay types and rates

    You can run payroll for both hourly and salaried employees, and pay different rates for the work they perform.

Payroll benefits & accounting

If you offer non-wage benefits, you can associate retirement plans, health insurance, and taxable benefits with employees.