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Experience effortless online invoicing for free.

Zoho Invoice is a feature-rich invoicing software designed for for small businesses. Whether you're invoicing online or recording offline payments, Zoho Invoice has you covered.


With Zoho Invoice, creating and sending invoices is a matter of a few clicks.

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Customize your invoice templates

With customizable templates from Zoho Invoice, you can extend your brand from your website to your invoices for a consistent, professional image.

Communicate in your customer's language

Zoho Invoice supports 10+ languages. Invoice your customers in their own languages for the most effective communication possible.

Schedule invoices

Need to send out an invoice on a future date? Zoho Invoice lets you schedule your invoices to be automatically sent to your customers on the date you choose. 

Schedule recurring invoices

Create recurring invoices for transactions that occur at regular intervals, so you don't have to create them individually every time. 

Sign your invoices

Use your digital signature to prevent invoice forgery or tampering. Our Zoho Sign integration ensures the highest level of security, compliant with ESIGN and eIDAS e-signature laws.


Give your customers a rough overview of prices, discounts, terms and conditions, and more with professional quotes in Zoho Invoice.

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Create projects from quotes

Give your customers a blueprint of the project with quotes, and once you get it approved, directly create a project from the quote.

Get quotes signed

Use our Zoho Sign integration to get quotes digitally signed by your customers. Put your client's mind at ease with a more secure approval process, and get tangible proof of your deals with them.

Set expiration dates for quotes

Add expiration dates to your quotes to encourage customers to accept them promptly and keep the sale process moving.

Add custom fields

Need to add more information to your quotes? Create custom fields to capture more details.

Keep track of quotes history

The quote history section lets you keep track of your quotes, your interactions with your customers and more.

Convert to invoices

When your customer accepts a quote, automatically convert it to an invoice and send it out for payment.


Add your customers to Zoho Invoice, enter their contact details, and start creating transactions instantly.

Build your customer portal

Offer your clients access to all their transactions in one place with the collaborative customer portal. 

List unpaid customer invoices 

Attach a list of unpaid invoices to a customer's statement to encourage your customers to get current on their payments.

Set up payment reminders

Easily chase payments as they come due with automated payment reminders. 

Save customer credit card information

Store your customers' card information to automatically charge them for recurring transactions.

Send customer statements

Send any customer a neat breakdown of all of their transactions over a particular period of time.

Configure address format

Zoho Invoice lets you configure the format in which customer's billing and shipping addresses are displayed in the PDF or in the print version. 

Request customer reviews

Improve your business services with feedback from your customers.


Pick the payment gateway that suits you and start collecting payments online, on time. 

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Configure payment gateways

Zoho Invoice is integrated with over 10 payment gateways to provide secure transactions all over the world.


For transactions occurring at regular intervals, save your customers' card details and charge them automatically with Zoho Invoice.

Send payment reminders

Set up payment reminders to gently prompt your customers to make their payments on time.

Collect advance payments

With retainer invoices, collect and record advance payments received for goods and services you provide.

Handle refunds with ease

Need to record a refund? Create a credit note and apply it to an invoice. Zoho Invoice makes it extremely easy.

Record offline payments

Need to capture an offline transaction? Zoho Invoice lets you easily record payments made with cash, paper check, or any other offline method.

Add custom field

Capture more information in your payment receipts with custom fields.

Customize payment receipts

Enhance the look and feel of your payment receipts with customizable templates.

Run detailed reports

Customize and run reports to get insights into your customers' payment patterns.


Staying on top of your expenses is crucial to running a strong business. With Zoho Invoice, it's simpler than ever to track your reimbursable expenses and bill your clients right away.

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Convert billable expenses to invoices

Associate billable expenses with customers and then convert them into invoices with the click of a button.

Categorize expenses

Classify your expenses under different categories to make expense tracking and reporting easier.

Track your mileage

Record your vehicle expenses and convert billable miles to money with the mileage tracking feature from Zoho Invoice.

Upload expense receipts

Snap a picture of an expense receipt and easily upload it to Zoho Invoice for reference.

Run reports

Get a quick look at your top expenses on your dashboard, or see detailed insights by running built-in or custom reports.

Projects & Timesheets

Effortlessly track time and bill your clients for hours spent on their projects. Choose from a variety of methods to turn hours into invoices.

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Create invoices directly from projects

Turn your projects or tracked time into invoices for a convenient way to bill your customers.

Track time for projects

Track hours worked for your projects so you can bill your customers accurately.

Keep track of unbilled hours and expenses

Zoho Invoice gives you a concise breakdown of your unbilled hours and expenses. When you're ready to bill, convert them into invoices in a click.

Bill based on project hours or task hours

Choose a billing basis that makes sense for you. Bill for either project hours or task hours with Zoho Invoice.

Collect advance payments

Request and receive advance payments to ensure you can plan, schedule and carry out projects without running low on funds.  

Recurring invoices

Associate unbilled hours from your projects to recurring invoices.


Zoho Invoice offers you a gallery of fully customizable templates to create and send professional invoices.

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Templates gallery

Zoho Invoice offers a wide range of templates for you to choose from and customize the transactions you send out to your customers.

Customize your template

Zoho Invoice gives you freedom over your templates so you can customize your invoices, payment receipts, and other documents to suit your brand.

Customize the look and feel of item table

Customize the way item table looks, from table header to item row and description.

Invoice in multiple languages

Zoho Invoice lets you create invoices in your customers' own languages for a closer customer relationship.

Stay tax compliant

Include all adequate tax related information on your invoices and be tax complaint. Give your customers a neat breakdown of the taxes charged on the goods and services.

Associate templates to contacts

Customize invoice templates and assign them to contacts to bring in a personal touch.


Automate tedious tasks with Zoho Invoice and focus on things that really matter.

Issue payment reminders

Send out automated payment reminders and save yourself hours of chasing after payments.

Set up recurring invoices

No need to draft a new bill every month. Create recurring invoices and Zoho Invoice will automatically rebill your customers at the interval you choose.


Automatically collect payments for recurring transactions by saving customers' credit card details to recurring invoices or contacts. 

Capture recurring expenses

Create recurrence profiles for expenses that occur on a regular basis. You can even automatically rebill them to your customers. 

Customer portal

Offer your clients the convenience of accessing all their transactions under one roof.

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Simpler payment process

Along with partial and full payment options, the portal lets your clients make bulk payments with a single click.

Get transactions approved

Customers can view, accept, and comment on their quotes from the self-service portal.

Enable Payments through customer portal

Your customers can view their invoices and make payments directly through the client portal.

Offer one-stop collaboration

Let your clients access their invoices, quotes, and timesheets all in one place.

Share project details

Let your clients be in the know of project details like logged hours, unbilled expenses and more.

Hear customer feedback

Let your customers rate your business services to help you further improve your offerings.


Run reports on your business and get better insight into the health of your business and share it with your team.

Run insightful reports

Zoho Invoice supports around 30 reports, to give you detailed insight into the health of your business.

Get insights with dashboard

Get quick insights into the growth of your business with an intuitive dashboard.

Customize business reports

From setting date ranges to choosing the transaction status, Zoho Invoice lets you customize and tailor your reports to suit your business needs.

Advanced analytics

Zoho Invoice is integrated with Zoho Analytics, the advanced analytics tool from Zoho to help create reports from scratch.

Users & Roles

Work better with your team members by adding them as users to your Zoho Invoice organization

Assign roles and permissions

Assign roles and invite users to your organization without having to share usernames or passwords. 

Restrict user access to a set of customers

Zoho Invoice allows you to assign roles to users, letting them view and manage transactions only for specific customers. 

Change user status

In case you do not want to permanently delete a user, but need to restrict their access for a specific time, Zoho Invoice lets you mark users as inactive.


Capture the goods and services you offer so you can quickly add them to your transactions. 

Add stock keeping units

Zoho Invoice allows you to add SKUs to your items for better inventory management. 

Capture additonal information

Capture additional item information with custom field support.

Mark items as inactive or active

Mark your seasonal goods as active or inactive so as to not display them while creating transactions.


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