Zoho Inventory


What are the modules in Zoho Inventory?

Zoho Inventory has different modules to cater to different areas of managing your stock.

  • Get the whole picture of your business with our smart Dashboard.
  • Connect easily with your customers with Customers.
  • Record and manage your stock with Items and Item Groups.
  • Create kits and bundles with Composite Items.
  • Document sales, send invoices, package and ship goods with Sales Orders.
  • Pick items seamlessly within warehouses with Picklists.
  • Track the status of your shipments with Packages.
  • Manage all your vendors in one place with Vendors.
  • Restock your inventory with Purchase Orders.
  • Manage and pay your vendors on time with Bills.
  • Generate real time and multi-perspective Reports.
  • Expand your reach to new markets with Integrations, which connects your organization with popular online sales channels, a host of shipping service providers, online payment gateways, accounting and CRM software.
  • Tailor your organization to suit your needs and preferences with Settings.