Zoho Inventory



  1. How to create a contact?
  2. Can I give personalized item prices for a customer?
  3. How can I track all the activities associated with a contact?
  4. How can I filter my contacts?
  5. How and where can I set the payment terms for a customer?
  6. How to send out customer statements?
  7. Can I have a contact who is both a customer and a vendor?
  8. Can I delete a contact?
  9. Can you add a new contact with the existing contact name?
  10. How can I add new fields to my contacts?
  11. How can I assign alternate billing and shipping address for a contact?
  12. How do I add a secondary email address to my contacts?
  13. How many contact persons can I add to a contact?
  14. How do I create a new transaction for a contact?
  15. I’m unable to create a transaction for a contact. What’s going on?
  16. If I modify the address of my contact, will that reflect in the invoices created for this contact?
  17. How do I import/export contacts?
  18. How to send out vendor statements
  19. How do I merge two contacts in Zoho Inventory?
  20. Can I assign templates to individual contacts?