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Receiving news sooner leads to better business decisions. Know right away when payments processed through Zoho Checkout succeed or fail with real-time notifications on your Cliq channel, so you can take the right action promptly.

What is Zoho Checkout?

Zoho Checkout is cloud-based software used to create personalized online checkout pages for recurring and one-time payments. It stands out in the market because you don’t need technical skills to use it. Its key features include customizable page design, real-time analytics, email notifications, and flexible payment options.

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" Testimonial
"Zoho Checkout has been an important part in delivering the convenience of online recurring payments for our customers. We love the interface, the controls, and the excellent customer service from the Zoho team."

Weston Zimmerman

Marketing Director, Tussey Landscaping LLC


Notifications keep things moving

News of a received payment means you can move on to the next process. News of a failed payment means the current process needs some attention. Either way, information is what keeps your business ahead of the curve.

Never lose sight of your income

Get notified when a customer makes a payment on your Payment Page, so you always know how much cash flow you have to work with.

Payment Notification
Payment-Failure Notification

Catch lost opportunities

When a customer tries to sign up for your service through your Payment Page and their payment doesn't go through, Zoho Checkout sends a notification to your Cliq account so you can find a solution quickly.

Payment-Failure Notification
Already have a Zoho Checkout account?
Click the Settings icon and select Integrations.
Click Configure next to the Zoho Cliq Integration.
Select the channel on which you’d like to receive Zoho Checkout’s notifications. Zoho Checkout is now configured with your Zoho Cliq account.

Still not sure?

Zoho Checkout provides a free plan, so you can test out all the functionalities of our product before making a commitment.

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