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A powerful billing solution that fits right in your pocket

Stay on top of your business with the Zoho Billing app. Wherever you are—in the office, or on the go—effortlessly handle invoices and subscriptions, track payments, and stay ahead of renewals.

Get instant insights into advanced business metric straight on your dashboard.

A slick dashboard for 360° visibility 

Easily track your business performance with the Zoho Billing dashboard. Make informed financial decisions and assess the profitability of your business. No more wasting time searching!

Features at your fingertips

Generate quotes efficiently

Create, send, and manage quotes in minutes to speed up the sales cycle.

Generate quotes easily through your mobile

Create invoices instantly

Craft compliant, professional invoices in seconds, right from the Zoho Billing app.

Create and organize invoice from your mobile


Create, manage, and upgrade subscription plans with ease, right from the Zoho Billing app.

Manage subscriptions from your mobile through Zoho Billing app

Collect payments

Track payments, receive alerts for upcoming ones, while also sending reminders to get paid on time.

Integrate with multiple payment of your choice to collect timely payments using Zoho Billing app

Manage projects effectively

Bill your clients based on the the time logged and categorize billable and non-billable hours.

Handle projects on the go, using Zoho Billing app

Handle expenses seamlessly

Scan and upload expense details from bills and receipts to eliminate manual data entry.

Manage expense easily with Zoho Billing's mobile app

Who knows best?
Our community!

"The Zoho Billing app helps look up customer and subscription details on the fly. It helps get a quick snapshot on our day-to-day sales"

AAA Band Rentals testimonial - Zoho Billing testimomial

Josh Lucas

Head of Operations,AAA Band Rentals

"I access the Zoho Billing mobile app every morning to take a quick look at the number of signups and activations from the previous day. As a COO, it helps me stay updated on our business health, no matter where I am"

rasa.io testimonial - Zoho Billing testimomial

Jared Loftus

Chief Operating Officer, rasa.io

Brand your business your way

Tailor the way you represent your organization.

Personalize your transactions with templates that match your brand, giving them a professional look. Customize templates to match your brand's style, all from your mobile. Effortlessly maintain consistency and professionalism in your invoices with Zoho Billing's customizable templates.

Zoho Billing for

  • Easy customer management

    Import customer information straight from your contact list, ensuring smooth customer interactions.

  • Simplified expense tracking

    Auto-scan your expense receipts to calculate travel expenses based on GPS and mileage for error-free expense management.

  • Get notified wherever you are

    Receive instant alerts on subscriptions and invoice payments. Record cash payments on the go for financial tracking.

  • Attach documents to transactions

    Capture documents and attach them to transactions to ensure immediate access to contextual information and details.

Push notifications

The Zoho Billing mobile app provides real-time updates on transactions and other important customer-related events.

    Widget actions

  • Widget actions

    Business summary:

    Get insights into signups, active customers, churn, payment failures, MRR, ARPU, LTV, and at-risk subscriptions.

  • Widget actions

    Receivables overview:

    View current and overdue balances.

  • Widget actions

    Invoice creation and timer tracking:

    Create invoices and track timers directly from lock screen widgets.

  • Widget actions

    Overdue invoices:

    Easily access top overdue invoices and send reminders to your customers directly from the widget.

  • Widget actions

    Timer widget:

    Start and pause project timers effortlessly.

GPS tracking

Track your mileage with GPS and seamlessly convert them to expenses afterwards.

Easily capture documents

Capture documents and attach them to transactions for comprehensive record-keeping.

On demand,
anywhere in the world


Save time by using the "quick create" option and create quotes, invoices, or subscriptions right from the dashboard.


Manage your billing conveniently from the app, no matter where you are.


Your data security is our top priority. Rest assured, your data is safe with advanced security features, including a passcode, fingerprint lock, or face recognition.

Have more questions?
We’ve got answers.

  • Do I have to pay separately for the mobile app?

    Zoho Billing mobile app is a supplement to the web based Zoho Billing application. If you already have an account with Zoho Billing, you can download the app for free, sign in to your Zoho Billing account and carry on with your Billing from anywhere.

  • Can I track time using the mobile app?

    Yes, you can track time spent on a project and bill your clients from within the Billing app.

  • If I add an additional user to my organization, will they be able to access this app?

    Yes, they can download the app and get access to all the features listed in the purchased plan.

Message from CEO

Zoho is a software company that ships 45+ products globally. Operating on a subscription pricing model for more than 20 years has given us the opportunity to face and overcome the practical pain points of subscription businesses. Let us solve your subscription billing challenges, together.

Sridhar Vembu

CEO, Zoho Corporation

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