One platform for all your affiliate and loyalty needs

Thrive comes bundled with features that help businesses build an effective, performance-based marketing solution that attracts, engages, and retains customers.




- Affiliate Program

Form Builder

Choose affiliates who are suitable for your brand. Utilize our predefined fields with built-in data, or create custom fields, to collect the necessary information and make informed decisions.

Affiliate Banner


Empower your affiliates by providing them with resources that lead to better traffic and promotions for your brand.

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Affiliate Portal

Provide your affiliates with a dedicated workspace where they can manage coupons, links, payouts, and other aspects of the program.

Affiliate Portal

Point-based tasks

Increase engagement and turn customers into advocates by rewarding them with points for each task they complete.

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Review Banner Review Badge
Review Badge Loyalty Review

Review-based tasks

Collect customer feedback and attract potential leads by getting your business reviewed on third-party listing sites.

Widget customization

Modify your widget the way you want. Re-write the texts, decide on the positioning, and match the theme with your store or website.

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Each task is different—and so are the rewards. Motivate customers with the rewards that best fit the tasks they complete.

Loyalty Reward

Features that elevate your overall experience with Thrive.


Work together

Managing programs single-handedly can be tough. With the user addition feature, you can invite your co-workers to help. Assign everyone specific roles and better manage your program easily.


Maintain control

Secure your program inside and out. Blacklist malicious IPs, email addresses, and domains, and prevent them from joining your program. Verify signups, and purchases to protect against scammers and security violations.


Stay updated

Never miss out on your program updates. Receive timely notifications by enabling automatic email alerts for yourself and your program participants.


Gain insights

Monitor the overall performance of your programs from a single dashboard view. Analyze your gathered data to identify areas for improvement and optimize key metrics for better results.

Set up. Sit back. Watch your business grow.