Should you send surveys during a crisis?

Should you send surveys during a crisis?

Since social distancing makes it more challenging than ever to check in with the important people in our life—friends, family, students, employees, and customers—the last thing you'd want to do now is to lose a connection. More than ever, this is the right time to use surveys to ask people how they're doing and how you can help them.


Surveys are fundamentally about communicating with people at the scale. That makes them an important tool for getting opinions and feedback during this time of separation.

Show humanity

Change your metrics

Ask less, listen more

Accumulate your response skills

A survey is a tool that ensures that organizations are connected with their employees and communities. The data and insights learned from surveys can help in developing practical applications to help us sail through these difficult times.

We at Zoho Survey want to do our part in assisting the global community with this pandemic.

If you are planning to survey related to the coronavirus, we are offering a 50% discount on Zoho Survey. In addition to this, we are offering several other discounts that you can check out here. We understand that in such a time of constrained resources, it is important for us as software providers to lend a helping hand where we can.

Let us support each other as we continue to toggle between fear and optimism. We sincerely believe this crisis can be overcome with the right data, the right information, the right efforts, and, of course, the right spirit.

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