Pushing the envelope.

Zoho Survey grants you ways to achieve the highest response rates with flair. Create paths to make your audience's survey experience enjoyable. Discover the joys of personalizing your survey to the taker, without breaking a sweat!

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Personalize your Questions

Let your respondents have a conversation with your survey. With the Logic, Custom variables and Piping features you can ensure a unique survey for every respondent. Questions adapt depending on the responses given previously. Converse through your surveys

A Survey for every Screen

Let your audience choose how they answer your surveys. Be it small or large, a Zoho Survey fits all screen sizes. See how your survey could look on a mobile device

  • BILL PETERSVisual Artist

    "As a first-time user of Zoho Survey I found it straightforward to compose a rather lengthy and complex survey with a number of conditional questions".

Trigger Emails

Have a mail triggered for every response. With Zoho Survey, you may choose to have the mail delivered to you, anyone you choose, or even the respondent, if they have shared their email address through the survey.

Weigh your answers

Assign a score to each of the answers you provide. Want to take a test? Or would you like to provide a weight to certain answers to help you with analysis? This feature enable you do all of that, and more! Scoring your responses