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Zoho Sprints: Celebrating one year of iterative development

Zoho Sprints is turning a year old today, and we’d like to thank all our users for being a part of this journey. Your valuable feedback...

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Increase your teams’ agility with Zapier integrations for Zoho Sprints

Everyone hates wasting time. At Zoho, we often talk to teams who want to avoid repetitive tasks. That’s why we work on the cloud, which...

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The Epic way to manage your work

Let’s say you’re a web development company diversifying into app development. One of your customers, whose website you just finished designing, is now seeking a...

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Explore our brand new features in Zoho Sprints

In the spirit of agile, we decided to get back to work right after our launch. Change after all, is a continuous occurrence. And all...

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Announcing Zoho Sprints – Ship your best products with agile planning and tracking

Over the last ten years, businesses from every industry, including those that build software, have been using Zoho Projects to successfully manage their work. When we looked...

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