Introducing Zoho Sprints 2.0: More convenient and intuitive project management

Imagine a thoughtfully constructed house that's soul-satisfying for some, or a well-organized library that calls home voracious readers. Our daily encounters with aesthetic and intuitive spaces enrich our lives, making them both easier and pleasurable. Shouldn't this also translate to the software we use? At Zoho Sprints, we are always refining our product user journey so you can experience the full range of benefits our platform has to offer. Today, we are thrilled to announce the release of Zoho Sprints 2.0, which features a sleek new interface and powerful feature enhancements. The new Sprints is more intuitive, convenient, and user-friendly than ever!

One-click access to everything you need

Our home page now features a sleek single-page layout, where you can access your entire workspace. With global features, saved projects, project modules, and settings all accessible in one location, our new interface is both compact and convenient.

New global features and workspace management options

We've introduced two new global features on the left-side panel: Global View and Global Feed. Browse all your projects and toggle between multiple views with Global View. Then, check the Feed to make sure you never miss out on project updates and team discussions.

Enhanced views: List, Sheet, and Card

We've upgraded your experience in the Projects, Users, Backlog, and Board modules by improving the List, Sheet, and Card views. Project and User lists make project management easier—whether you're sorting projects or users by their names, limiting field visibility, or reviewing in-line metrics.

Enjoy a premium sheet-viewing experience in the Backlog, Board, Release, and Epic modules. Not only can you manage an entire sprint from within a spreadsheet, but you can also generate unlimited charts from the expanded view with zero compromises on style and visual presentation.

Customize your Backlog and Board cards to reflect your project needs with the all-new Backlog View and Card View settings. Control the visibility of customizable fields and tags, and stick fields to the Action menu as needed. Personalize your sprint board and build it exactly the way you want with the help of Board Status settings. Plus, manage and rearrange custom statuses and set WIP types based on your current project.

Improved filter capabilities

Precise project management is easier with our new filter options: Quick Filters and Custom Filters. With the Quick Filter, you can retrieve project data instantly using existing filter criteria, whereas the Custom Filter gives you the power to create filter criteria through a set of conditions.

Unified design and smart dashboards

One of our primary objectives was to provide a unified interface, where you could view all project modules and work items across the workspace. To achieve this, we've applied a common layout to all Details pages.

In the past, the dashboard feature was only available at the project level, but now you can derive insights into each of your modules with module-centric dashboard support.

Upgraded comment section: Code, Markdown, Threads

Every agile team needs a place to discuss code snippets 

To help you communicate better and more clearly with your fellow programmers, we have added code and markdown editors to our Description and Comment sections. Engage in comprehensive discussions without losing track of context using threaded comments.

Night mode for easy viewing

Personalize your Sprints portal by adjusting your profile themes and fonts under the Change Preference section. You can also switch between day and night mode (or auto) for optimal viewing conditions.

We are now 3X faster

Zoho Sprints is now three times faster—and more performance-driven than ever before. Experience rapid load times, so you can focus on driving your projects forward. Our team has fine-tuned every gear to ensure swift and seamless navigation, enhancing and expediting your experience in the app.

We hope you enjoy the exciting feature upgrades we've rolled out with this release!. Please feel free to write to us or leave a comment below with your thoughts about this launch.

Note: Zoho Sprints 1.0 will be discontinued on April 30, 2024. We highly recommend you upgrade to the latest version and familiarize yourself with the app as soon as possible. 

Happy sprinting!


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