Zoho Sprints Bot: Your Virtual Scrum Assistant

Scrum ceremonies play a significant role in the success of agile teams. They guide agile teams in planning, collaborating, and executing their tasks in unpredictable environments. If your Scrum ceremonies are not carefully organized, they can drown out the value they intend to provide.

To help Scrum teams channelize project communications and conduct their scrum ceremonies effectively, we at Zoho Sprints are happy to introduce our new integration with Zoho Cliq.

Zoho Cliq Chat Bar

Contextual communication is the most effective way to communicate and get more done faster. Using Cliq's Chat Bar, you can instantly create a channel within the context of your releases, sprints, and work items in Zoho Sprints. Assigned users will be added by default, and you also have the option to add more participants.

Zoho Sprints Chat Bar

@Sprints Bot

Say hello to the @Sprints bot, your virtual Scrum assistant that notifies your team members of important project updates. Our Sprints bot allows you to map your Sprints projects with channels in Cliq to receive contextualized updates.

Add Items

Great ideas can sometimes get scattered in conversations. The Add Item message action lets you convert Cliq messages into actionable work items in Sprints. You can upload attachments and update all the other details of your work items without leaving Cliq.

Add Item Message Action in Zoho Sprints

Fetch Items

The Sprints bot brings the context of your work items to your channels in Cliq. The bot fetches work items based on the criteria you specify, and you can filter for work items across projects by item type, priority, and assignee.

Schedule Meetings

Scrum ceremonies can overwhelm calendars and become counterproductive when they are not well-organized. The Add Meeting bot action takes care of your scheduling woes, while the Sprints bot triggers a meeting reminder in your Cliq channels.

See it in action

The Zoho Sprints extension for Zoho Cliq allows Scrum teams to focus on delivering value by creating a culture of contextual collaboration. Go ahead and install the extension if you haven’t already! 

Zoho Sprints Bot

Register for our upcoming webinar to see this extension in action. Or, refer our help guide for instructions to set it up.

We’d love to get your feedback on how we can enhance this extension, so let us know in the comments below or drop an email to feedback@zohosprints.com.

 Happy Sprinting!


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