Tips to write a great social media bio for your brand

They say first impression is the best, and your bio being the first thing someone sees on your social media page automatically puts it in a position of premium importance. It’s a short-script opportunity to grab their attention, and make them stay. One line is what you need to rule them all. Okay, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration but we know some fantastic brands that stand out just with how perfect their bios are. It’s a space to not just fit in a crisp description of your work and showcase your brand persona, but also really nail down the short attention span of the social media wanderer and pique their curiosity.

So, what are the ingredients that go into the perfect Bio/About section? Take a look, we’ve summarized what it takes to write a social media bio that wins you not just followers, but also gets people engaging, reaching out, and maybe even turning into customers.

infographic write a good social media bio/about for facebook instagram twitter

You can also find out more tips in detail on our separate blog that talks in depth about the strategies for writing a great social media bio for businesses.


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