WunderTRE has two strong reasons for choosing Zoho Social over other tools.

Tell us a bit about your organisation.

WunderTRE was established in April 2016. We are an online marketing agency that handles Websites, Social Media Management, and Paid Ads for our clients.

How would you describe your role?

As the Founder/Owner of the company, I started off doing everything that our business offered. Now that we have more people on our team, I still do a little of everything but I have more time to focus on growing the business.

Zoho Social helps us out sooooo much. It's not clunky or hard to navigate, it does exactly what it should everytime, and it makes it easy and fun! Ryker Taylor

How important is social media marketing as part of your marketing strategy?

As an agency, social media marketing is a huge offering for us. Instead of building the client a website and then leaving the marketing up to them, we are able to handle everything for them which allows a consistent feel for their brand. As far as how social media works for us we use it to showcase past work we've done and to keep our followers informed of current events in the tech industry. Social media marketing is something we take seriously and try to get better each day.

Why did you choose Zoho Social? Which are some of the other tools you considered?

Hootsuite, Sendible, Sprout Social, Buffer. We've tried them all. The reasons we chose Zoho Social and continue to stick with them come down to 2 things. A). The simplicity of the layout and the software in general. This is NOT a "simple" software, it has robust features, but it is simple to learn and implement. B). It's perfect for an agency, like us! I love how the software allows you to break things up into brands. Some other similar softwares requires you to put all the social media channels in one big "basket" and then separate them out into clients brands with tags. With Zoho, we can add each of our clients as their own brand from the get-go and then add their social media accounts to that brand. It makes it nice to make a post for one client, then with 2 clinks be able to make a post for a different client..

What did you find the most useful about Zoho Social?

I would say the brands feature, but we really love the SocialShare browser extension, it's so simple to use and works exactly how I want it too.

What are the key challenges that Zoho Social helps you deal with?

Zoho Social helps us out sooooo much. Honestly the biggest thing it helps us with is time. It doesn't waste our time. It's not clunky or hard to navigate, it does exactly what it should everytime, and it makes it easy and fun!

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