ATS chooses Zoho Social over other tools to establish a positive presence in the social media arena.

Tell us a bit about your organisation.

Affiliated Technology Solutions is a technology company with solutions in areas of voice communication, integrated business solutions, system applications, and network management services.

How would you describe your role?

As the marketing associate, I handle all the day-to- day activities including social media marketing, advertising, promotions, and projects.

How important is social media marketing as part of your marketing strategy?

Social media marketing is important to us. When I started with ATS, we rebuilt all social media platforms, so I am pretty much leading the way for social media. So, we are now located on most of the sites. I keep the content fresh and new while throwing in marketing and promotions.

SmartQ is one of my favorite features Zoho Social provides. I can plan my posts when I’ll have the most engagement and have found that it works than me just picking a random time. Karissa Gregor, ATS

Why did you choose Zoho Social? Which are some of the other tools you considered?

When I first started with ATS, they told me to choose a company for social media marketing. We looked at Hubspot and some other tools.

I did some research and read reviews before I started the trial with Zoho Social. Once I experienced the trial, we decided it was a good fit for us.

What did you find the most useful about Zoho Social?

What I liked about Zoho Social was the easy-to-use dashboard. I leave it up and running on my computer. This way when I stumble upon something I can plan a post. I tend to do this every morning when I get into work, so I can see our numbers while planning posts along with times that are good.

I like that I receive an email telling me that my planned post is now live. I keep a chart of my posts but then seeing it’s live, I highlight them, letting me keep track of all that we are doing on social media. Way to go!

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