After trying many tools, they found Zoho Social to be one of the most comprehensive tools for social media management.

Tell us a bit about your organisation.

Securolytics is a cutting edge IT Security firm, based in Atlanta. We provide innovative and proactive next-generation SIEM solutions. Our global team is day-in and day-out motivated by one overriding purpose- to keep organizations and businesses out of harm's way from cyber criminals and sophisticated hackers.

How would you describe your role?

I am the Director of Content Marketing and handle our messaging for online marketing such as social media, websites, newsletters, etc.

Zoho Social is the most comprehensive social media tool. It provides everything we need to post, research and analyze our social media presence. Mindy Affrime

Why did you choose Zoho Social? Which are some of the other tools you considered?

We know there are many social media tools out there, but we found Zoho to be one of the most comprehensive. Zoho Social provides everything we need to post, research and analyze our social media presence on X (formerly Twitter), LinkedIn, and Facebook. Plus we use Zoho CRM for corporate organization and communication.

What did you find the most useful about Zoho Social?

Well, there are a few features. Certainly, the speed with which I can publish interesting and pertinent posts to all of our outlets is important. I love that when I read something that I want to share with our clients, it only takes a few minutes and voila! Our messages have been posted. Another great feature is that we can track and analyze our messaging and see what works and what does not.

What are the key challenges that Zoho Social helps you deal with?

For any business that wants to communicate and stay connected to their clients, social media marketing is essential. The more diligent you are about adding new and exciting posts, articles, blogs, etc., the better. In this digital age, reaching your client where they are and keeping an open line of communication are paramount to a successful marketing strategy. We've been able to address these areas with Zoho Social.

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