Zoho Show for Android: Journey to 1 million downloads

  • Last Updated : November 7, 2023
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 Zoho Show for Android: Journey to 1 million downloads

The Zoho Show app for Android was first launched in 2018 as a viewer app, and was followed by an editor app in 2019. Through the years, we have added features to help you seamlessly create, collaborate on, and deliver presentations on the go. The result? We reached 100,000 downloads in two years, and now, four years since launching, we have achieved over 1 million downloads. This definitely would not have been possible without our team of developers who constantly strive to make the Show app awesome.

Meet Senthurpandi N., a Show app for Android developer. Here, he shares his experience on this journey to 1 million downloads.

Question: Tell us about your typical day as an Android app developer.

Answer: We begin each day by evaluating all user feedback from the previous day. We note down any issues users are experiencing and work to resolve them as soon as we can. When a user requests a new feature, we prioritize it, and after discussing it with the team, we incorporate it into our roadmap. Android is always adding new features and enhancements. By tweaking our current code, or, most often, writing it from scratch, we aim to stay on top of these advancements.

Q: What is your favorite thing about being a developer?

A: There’s always room for self-improvement and learning. Even if we are familiar with a code flow, we try and learn something new everyday. Also, technology has become a part of our lives. Anything that makes the life of an individual simpler (like using technology) will always put a smile on their face. Imagine being one of the reasons behind this.

Q: How big is your team and what does it look like?

A: We are a team of about 20 developers, and we constantly help each other. We all understand that success means working together. We share ideas and discuss all the pros and cons. This helps us decide what will work best for our application.

Q: You have seen Show through its various stages of growth and release. Tell us about your journey through these stages.

A: The Show app for Android is developing in a progressive manner. We started by providing basic editing features, and gradually added features with every release. The app can now be used to create, collaborate, and do so much more with your mobile device.

Q: Tell us about a feature that was challenging to create.  

With the number of users increasing every day, we wanted to launch collaborative editing. It was quite challenging to create the feature, as we wanted all our users to experience consistent quality—which we have achieved now.

Q: While using the Show app for Android, what has been your favorite feature?

A: Animation. There is a saying: "If something is constantly moving before your eyes, nothing stops it from reaching your brain." Animation adds liveliness to your presentation. It also helps the presenter deliver their content through a story, which gives them a better chance of holding their audience's attention.

Q: Are there any interesting features we should look out for in the future?

A: Since the lockdown, the majority of meetings have taken place remotely. We are planning to introduce a video conferencing feature SMHM (Small Meeting Home Meeting) for easy collaboration with your teams. If a team wants to create a presentation, they can discuss, create, and edit on the go with video conferencing. This feature will help teams save a lot of time through effective collaboration.

Q: What do you expect the Show app to achieve in the coming years?

A: The Show app is already gaining popularity in the presentation sector. We would love to see 10 million downloads soon. Many people still think they need a laptop to create a presentation. But now, you just need a mobile device to create, collaborate, and save your data in the cloud. If you need to create a presentation, you should not have to worry about having access to a laptop.

And that's a wrap! We thank Senthurpandi N. for his time. We would also like to thank our users for their continued support and trust in us.

To take a look at our roadmap to 1 million downloads, click here.

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