Zoho Show for Android: The road to 1 million downloads

  • Last Updated : November 7, 2023
  • 2 Min Read

The way we work has significantly changed, with many businesses now switching to a hybrid work model. As a result, the way teams design and develop presentations has also changed. With many teams geographically dispersed, mobile compatibility is now an essential component of any application. The Zoho Show Android app helps bridge the physical distance, empowering you to work on your presentations anywhere at any time.


The Zoho Show Android editor app was first launched on January 2, 2019. Since then, we have had quite a journey. After hitting the 100k download mark in February 2020,  we raced to the 500k download mark just one year later.


We are constantly listening to customer feedback and continuing to develop the product with new features and enhancements to provide you with a better experience.


Now, only 15 months after reaching the 500k milestone, the Zoho Show Android app is the fifth Zoho app to reach 1 million downloads!


Let's take a look at our roadmap to some of the major milestones Show has hit over the years:


We'd like to thank all our users for their continued support and use of our app. We will continue to add more innovative features to the app to provide you with the best presentation creating experience possible. Next stop: 2 million downloads!

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