Introducing the Zoho Flow integration for Zoho Show

  • Last Updated : January 31, 2023
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zoho flow for zoho show

If you're an entrepreneur who has launched a new product, then you know email is a primary channel for generating leads for your business. Once your email campaign is completed, the next crucial step is to analyze the campaign metrics, collect the data, and present a report to your investors and stakeholders.

While a report may contain a variety of metrics, such as the open rate, click-through rate, bounce rate, and conversion rate, not everything will be relevant to your audience. Combing through data to create a customized presentation can be time consuming and tedious. But Zoho Show provides an easy option for automating the whole process!

Introducing the Zoho Flow integration for Zoho Show

Zoho Flow automates workflows by connecting two different apps without any code. With the Flow integration for Show, you can create business presentations by linking to any application.  

How to use this integration

Zoho Flow uses the trigger-action methodology. Let's say you want to use it to schedule your campaign report to be automated as a presentation. In this instance, retrieving the campaign report is the "trigger" and creating a presentation is the "action." The first step is to create a presentation template with the required Data Fields to integrate with Flow. Once the campaign is completed, Flow sends a trigger to create a presentation and automate the report.

What can this integration be used for?

Generate automated reports for your marketing campaigns: If you're a marketer who runs multiple campaigns across platforms, like webinars, newsletters, email surveys, and corporate events, then you can generate automated reports for each campaign with customized presentation templates using Data Fields.

Track conversions with automated sales reports: Whether you're reaching out to a prospective client, pitching a product or service to an existing client, or running a seasonal sale announcement, you can generate reports with Zoho Flow. Use the integration to generate customizable reports to determine different metrics, like the open rate, click-through rate, conversion rate, and the overall ROI.

Email campaigns, report generation, and data presentations have become an important part of business and professional life. Creating customized reports at an organization or enterprise level for each of your campaigns manually can waste valuable time and resources. With Zoho Flow, you can create custom integrations and automate workflows across your business without any code. Here is a step-by-step explanation of how to do that:

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