5 reasons for marketers to use GIFs

  • Last Updated : November 7, 2023
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5 reasons for marketers to use GIFs

GIFs were first introduced in 1987, long before the internet became a vital part of our daily lives. The graphic interchange format (GIF) is a file type that adds movement to your static visuals. Popular on social media, GIFs have also found their way in to day-to-day business communications. Whether you're using them in your mail communications, email campaigns, landing pages, or even business decks, the right GIF can strike a chord with your audience.

In the current landscape, brands often leverage GIFs to increase interaction with their audiences. While popular among lifestyle and consumer-centric brands, the B2B sector has also started using GIFs to grab the attention of their target audience. Here are a few reasons why every marketer should consider using GIFs in their content.

1. They are mobile-friendly

GIFs are bite-sized content and are easy to consume on the go. These mobile-friendly file formats don't take up much space on your device. Since most digital content is consumed on mobile, GIFs work well for social media campaigns, online promotions, and moment marketing.

2. They attract attention

GIFs are helpful for communicating your message in a way that's crisp and concise. Whether it is your product launch or corporate announcements, using GIFs will help you attract attention and engage with your audience. They also provide a unique way to display calls-to-action, which is visually appealing and yields better conversion rates.

3. Helps your brand stand out

Research shows that visual learning is highly effective, as your brain can process images 60,000 times faster than words. GIFs help you connect with your audience on an emotional level and help your brand stand out. Use GIFs to set the tone for your brand in an interactive way. This is a particularly great option for moment marketing, as it helps you establish a light and approachable tone with your audience.

4. Boosts campaign engagement

A popular format across social media, GIFs set a lighter tone for the voice of your brand. They are relatable, often humorous, and highly effective for moment marketing. Since they help you connect with your audience, GIFs are a great way to create buzz and boost engagement for your campaigns.

5. Increases interest in your presentation

Sitting through a long presentation can make an audience restless. Add GIFs to your slides to make your presentations visually compelling and engaging. Zoho Show offers add-ons that helps users include GIFs right within their slides without switching tabs. Use GIFs in your presentation to introduce a new topic, receive feedback, take questions from your audience, or create an impactful end slide.

With Show, you can also create your own GIF to promote your brand using your product images. Websites like Giphy and Make a GIF allows users to create GIFs to promote their brand. This draws attention to your products and increases overall brand value.

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