Automate customer interactions

SalesIQ's Zobot is a powerful chatbot building platform that provides the industry's best tools to build powerful bots for your business with minimal effort and time.

SalesIQ chatbots can assist visitors around the world through various platforms, such as websites, Instagram, mobile apps, and more, operating round the clock.

You can also create multiple chatbots for all your brands based on your requirements.

Bot Building Platforms in SalesIQ

In-house platforms:

  1. Codeless bot builder - Build versatile bots without any code using the drag and drop builder.
  2. SalesIQ scripts - Build high-performance chatbots with our in-house programming language, Deluge.
  3. Zia Skills - Zoho's NLP-based bot-building platform to build conversational bots.

Third-party platforms:

  1. Dialogflow by Google
  2. Microsoft Azure
  3. IBM Watson
  4. Webhooks - To deploy your custom-built bots

Supported Channels:

SalesIQ chatbots can provide automated assistance on these platforms:

  1. Website
  2. Mobile app (with Mobilisten SDK)
  3. Instagram
  4. Facebook
  5. WhatsApp

Get started:

  1. Build code-free chatbots 
  2. Build code-based chatbots