Greet your visitors on arrival


Connect them to the right people


Provide instant assistance

Make it easy for customers to reach you

Website live chat

Start conversations with website visitors and capture leads while they're still on your site. Give prospects the assurance they're looking for, especially at critical moments in their buyer journey with website live chat.


Live chat on instant messaging channels

Give your prospects and customers the convenience of reaching you through their preferred instant messaging channels. Assist them regardless of the channel they use, directly from your live chat software.

Live chat on instant messaging channels

Live chat for WordPress

SalesIQ's live chat software for WordPress helps your website visitors and blog subscribers get answers to their questions in real time.

Live chat plugin for WordPress
WordPress live chat software

Live chat software for GoDaddy websites

Easily set up live chat on your GoDaddy website with our live chat plugin for GoDaddy for faster problem resolution, higher sales, and better customer service.

Live chat software for GoDaddy websites
Live chat plugin for GoDaddy websites

Mobile app live chat

Add live chat to your mobile app and give app users a gateway to reach you with Mobilisten, our live chat mobile SDK, available for Android, iOS, and React Native. You can even contextually display the live chat button when a user encounters a problem.

Add live chat to your mobile app
Mobile app live chat SDK

Meet your live chat influx with chatbots

Offering live chat on your website, mobile app, and instant messaging channels is a promise of immediate responses to queries. Delivering on that can be difficult for businesses without adequate workforce to handle a huge volume of live chat requests.

Our chatbot platform enables you to deploy a virtual live chat agent that multitasks tirelessly 24x7.

Automate your live chat support with chatbots    

What makes Zoho SalesIQ the best live chat software for businesses?

Proactive chat to nudge leads towards conversion

Prompting visitors to fill out contact forms, manually qualifying them, reaching out and then waiting for a response is a thing of the past.

Instead, captivate your target audience by proactively engaging them with automated chat triggers in our website live chat software.

Reach out with automated proactive chat
Proactively engage leads with automated chat invites

Audio calls and screenshare for complex inquiries

Solve complex queries by starting a call with customers right from your web chat screen. Customers can also call you from the website live chat window in a click.

In addition, Zoho SalesIQ lets you share your screen during live chat conversations to aid customers visually or even ask customers to share their screen to get a first-hand view of the problem they're facing.

Power up your live chat with audio call and screenshare  
Go beyong live chat support with audio call and screenshare
Improve your live chat support with audio call and screenshare
Augment your live chat support with audio call and screenshare
Live chat with audio call and screenshare for better customer support

Time-savers to speed up your live chat

  • Canned replies  

    Here's something to help you with those common live chat queries. Save frequently used responses, greetings, and questions as canned replies and invoke them with a shortcut during website live chat conversations.

  • Typing Preview  

    A live chat agent's life would be a lot easier if all the questions could be foreseen. We've done you one better! Our web live chat software tells you in real time what customers are typing in the live chat window so you can find answers quicker.

Canned Responses    
Typing Preview    

OpenAI-powered features for live chat agent productivity

Empower your live chat team to build ‌quality conversations and increase agent productivity with SalesIQ's OpenAI integration that boosts your message quality, summarizes chats for quick reference, and automatically generates chat tags for organizing them.

Live chat translation for global customer communication

Understand and speak your customer's language to connect with them better. Our website live chat software automatically detects the language of incoming live chat messages and performs two-way chat translation in real time.

Go multilingual with real-time chat translation
Go multilingual with real-time chat translation

Live chat content moderation for a safe work environment

Ensure a professional and safe work environment for your live chat team with Zoho SalesIQ's website live chat content moderation. Create a list of terms that you think has no place in business communication and configure chat closure or IP blocking when these terms come up in a live chat conversation.

Filter out abusive messages    

Chat transfer and group chat for better resolutions

Anytime you're stumped by a live chat query outside your forte, SalesIQ lets you transfer the chat or simply invite a teammate with the right expertise to join in. You can even add a note for your colleague as you transfer the chat.


Start each live chat session with context

Each website live chat request comes complete with the visitor's location, the page they're on, and the department they've selected. You also get their website footprint, their device details, the operating system they're using, and previous live chat conversations. This helps you get to the heart of the matter immediately.

Get relevant details of who you're chatting with
Get relevant details of who you're chatting with    

Maintain your reputation for reliable support

Configure your live chat widget to be displayed only when your team is actively online and ready to help, so customers get prompt assistance. Outside of these hours, you can display an offline status message and provide an option for customers to leave a message to capture their concerns, with a promise to address them promptly when you’re back online.

Unify team expertise for a flawless live chat operation

Internal message board and operator chat

Your live chat team can be spread across geographies and still maintain efficient internal communication. Quickly make announcements via the message board and have one-on-one interactions or talk to each other in a group setting with the internal message board.

Internal message board and operator chat
Internal message board and operator chat

Agent training with web chat monitoring

Ensure your new recruits adhere to your customer communication standards with real-time website live chat monitoring. Set monitors to view your agents' web live chat conversations as they happen and guide them through it. You can even join an ongoing web chat if needed.

Chat monitoring to improve agent training    

Stay connected on the go with live chat mobile apps

Get notified of important incoming chats or high-value customers and connect with them, no matter where you are, using SalesIQ's live chat app for Android and iOS.

Help customers while on the move with the Zoho SalesIQ mobile app                

Gather customer feedback on their web chat experience

Use customer feedback on your live chat operation to understand how customers feel about their interaction with you. This will help you continually work on existing flaws to impress your customers.

Gather customer feedback

Live chat software for every business type and function

Whether you're a startup aiming to strike a chord with potential customers or a well-established corporation seeking to enhance customer support, Zoho SalesIQ's live chat software is designed to cater to all your customer communication needs.


Match your web live chat window to your brand

Make your live chat window fit right in with your website and branding by choosing from our wide variety of designs or even uploading your own. Add your brand logo, craft a welcome message, and set a live chat window language and font.

Customize the chat window to suit your branding
Customize the chat window to suit your branding

Start with our free website live chat software

We know connecting with your prospects and customers is a basic need to propel your business. That’s why SalesIQ provides free live chat software with all the basic features you need, like up to 100 chat sessions/month, file sharing, voice note, departments, 30-day chat history, offline messaging, in-app chat, daily reports delivered to your inbox, mobile apps, plugins and extensions, and more!

There’s no catch—no hidden charges, no credit card details required.

Hear from our customers

"On average, Zoho SalesIQ has increased our ability to handle visitor queries by 36% per day. SalesIQ has also improved our sales numbers. Customers have been more likely to reach out to us, especially because the chat works well on mobile phones and computers. Not only have we seen more inbound chat requests, but we’ve also been able to proactively engage website visitors who are browsing 'high-intent' pages."

Luke Genoyer Sales & Marketing Manager, Global Call Forwarding

"Before having the idea of live chat, everything was via emails and tickets. Nothing was immediately solvable. It might take two or three days to reply to an email or close a ticket, but once we onboarded SalesIQ, 30% of the queries that come via email or tickets are solved immediately."

Ashwath CRM Executive, FundsIndia

When visitors started consuming Chef Bharath's content, eager to learn more, they reached out to our live agents through SalesIQ's live chat widget. SalesIQ would automatically transcribe the entire chat conversation into an email for easy delivery, and we could share it with advertisers to optimize their activities further.

Swaminathan Balasubramanian Founder & Publisher, Chef Bharath

For our digital sales revenue, SalesIQ is contributing a lot. Conversion ratio of the vehicle booking to the retail has increased by 1-1.5 % in the overall revenue. With SalesIQ, we can have a bot-first approach on the website, and if the bot isn't able to answer question, an agent can take over the chat, and have access to the chat history the customer had with the bot. If a visitor uses abusive language, SalesIQ also blocks their IP.

Pravin Nehete, Deputy General Manager, Mahindra and Mahindra

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Overview of website live chat software

What is website live chat?

Website live chat is an interface that allows website visitors to communicate with the business in real time. Web live chat is usually a popup or a widget on web pages that visitors can click on and send a message.

What is website live chat software?

Website live chat software is a tool that enables real-time, text-based communication between website visitors and the business.

Having a live chat software for websites is a necessity in today’s business scenario where prospects and customers expect personalized customer engagement and immediate answers to their questions. Online live chat software on your website and mobile app, helps you engage with website visitors, generate leads, convert them to customers, provide customer support, and enhance the overall user experience on their websites.

Who needs website live chat software?

Website live chat software is a tool that facilitates real-time communication between a business and its website visitors.

Live chat software is essential for marketing, presales, sales, and customer support teams across business verticals like ecommerce, travel agencies, restaurants and delivery companies, real estate agencies, educational institutes, banks and financial service companies, NGOs, and emergency helplines.

Website live chat software is especially important for startups and SMEs owing to their need to gain credibility in the market and improve sales and support with minimal resources.

What are the key features of website live chat software?

Here's a list of key features a live chat software solution provides.

  • Customizable chat window: You should be able to match your live chat window to your website and branding either by choosing one of the designs and colour schemes the live chat software provides or by adding your own template, complete with your logo, welcome message, and font.
  • Rule-based automated proactive chat: Proactively engage prospects and customers using automated live chat invites based on the stage the prospect is in, their actions on your website or product, and more.
  • Live chat departments: Group your live chat agents into departments based on business function, service location, or area of expertise.
  • Chat routing: Set up rules to assign incoming chats to the right live chat agents or departments automatically.
  • Canned replies: Save pleasantries and frequently used responses that you can invoke in a click during a live chat conversation.
  • Voice notes: Let visitors ask questions and explain solutions to them through voice notes in your website live chat window.
  • Chatbot builder: A platform that helps you create a website chatbot based on your business requirements.
  • Live chat business hours: Configure your web live chat widget to go offline beyond your team's work hours, or set up an offline status message so customers know when to expect a response.
  • Real-time chat translation: Get website live chat conversations translated in real time into your primary language and vice versa.
  • Chat monitoring: Get a real-time view of ongoing live chats by your operators to ensure they meet your standards and even join in when needed.
  • Mobile SDK: Easily add live chat to your business's iOS and Android mobile apps.
  • Agent mobile app: Enables your team to stay informed of relevant events in your live chat operation and even respond to customers from their mobile devices when needed.

What are the benefits of using live chat on websites?

The benefits of using website live chat software are:

  • Website live chat enables proactive website visitor engagement and helps you automate lead capture.
  • It helps improve lead nurturing at the right moments to boost sales.
  • With prompt answers during checkout, live chat helps reduce customers' risk perception, thereby limiting cart abandonment and increasing average order value.
  • Live chat on your website facilitates real-time contextual customer support and increases retention, brand loyalty, and advocacy.
  • Website live chat helps you build a rapport with customers and happy customers are more likely to give you testimonials that help win more customers.
  • Analyzing the most repeated queries on your web live chat also helps you identify bottlenecks on your website and discover customer pain points.

Why do businesses need online chat for websites?

Here's why you should add live chat to your website

  • Prospects and customers expect immediate assistance.
  • Website live chat software saves time and support costs.
  • It helps automate lead generation and data collection.
  • Adding live chat on your website reduces bounce rate and bottlenecks.
  • Live chat software bridges the gap between marketing and sales efforts.
  • Live chat reduces sales conversion time significantly.
  • Proactively addressing prospect concerns via website live chat reduces cart abandonment.
  • Web live chat facilitates 24/7 customer support.
  • Using website live chat software for customer service rids customers of long waits for support and the resulting churn.
  • Website live chat improves customer experience.
  • It helps global business communication without the need for multilingual teams.

How to choose the best live chat for websites?

While evaluating live chat software for your website, you need to consider the following factors:

  • Your business requirements and use case. That is, the industry you're in and if you need it for marketing, sales, or customer support. Choose live chat software with the right set of features that fit your use case.
  • The size of your customer base and your live chat team. If you have a large team, ensure that the live chat software lets you create departments and route incoming web chat requests to the right agents. If you don't have the team strength to handle a huge influx of chats, check if it has enough automation options, including chatbot builders with AI functionality.
  • Ease of use and learning time needed
  • Customizability
  • Integrability with the rest of your tech stack
  • Availability of a mobile SDK
  • Budget

Check out our detailed domain insights article to learn more about how to select the best live chat software.